Why Car Tires Go Flat When Not Used? Reasons will Shock You
Why Car Tires Go Flat When Not Used

Why Car Tires Go Flat When Not Used? Reasons will Shock You

Why Car Tires Go Flat When Not Used? Reasons will Shock You

Why Car Tires Go Flat When Not Used?

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely parked your car and returned to find that one or more of your tires has gone flat. You may be wondering, “How did this happen?” Those tires looked great.’

I’m glad you’ve made it here. ‘Why do vehicle tires grow flat when they aren’t used?’ we’ll answer. It’s a very interesting answer.

Even though a car tire looks to be heavy, keep in mind that rubber is porous at the molecular level. Because the seal on a tire isn’t completely airtight, some air molecules escape via tiny holes in the rubber, while others escape in the space between the tire and the rim.

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When tires aren’t used, they might become flat for a variety of reasons.

• Rubber is porous, which allows air to escape naturally; continual compression and expansion generate microscopic gaps through which air may escape.

• A German item pierces the tire. (Valve stem, i.e. where the tire meets the rim)

Additionally, while driving a car, the temperature of the tires rises, causing them to expand. The volume of air within increases as the temperature rises.

Dirt and dust molecules accumulate around un-sealed areas as a result of the expanding and contracting. For example, where the tire meets the rim, around the valve stem, and even within the valve stem if no cover is there.

When a vehicle is parked for an extended period of time, the tire cools down and shrinks back to its original size, enabling water and debris to enter via these small yet permeable spots.

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Any foreign items that may have entered your tire are not included in this calculation. Corrosion takes away at metal components like nails and screws that hold patches together, eventually leading to holes in tires that leak and deflate over time.

Why Car Tires Go Flat When Not Used-reasons
Why Car Tires Go Flat When Not Used-reasons

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How long may a car be parked before flat spots appear?

An automobile’s tires flatten after an unknown amount of time when it is parked. The type of tire, its condition when last inflated, and the weather all play a part.

It takes three weeks or more for this type of injury to show up. Check your tires immediately if you notice they are low on air to avoid losing too much pressure.

Your tires may flatten in only a few days if you live in a hot environment. It might take weeks for them to totally deflate when it’s cold outside. A sudden reduction in temperature, on the other hand, might result in tire deflation.

I realize this is a “it depends” approach, but it takes into account a variety of factors that affect a tire’s air pressure when it is parked.

This is why you should check your tire pressure once a month and rotate them every 5,000 miles or sooner if you spot bulges or irregular-looking areas on the sidewalls.

These basic methods can help you avoid flat patches on your tires.

Is it true that unused car tires degrade?

YES! Absolutely. For a variety of reasons, it’s critical to use your tires on a regular basis, or to maintain them properly if you won’t be using them.

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To begin with, there are all of the safety reasons for keeping your tires inflated, durable, and in good form, such as crossing railroad tracks, icy areas, or other potential road hazards.

Second (and more crucially), not using your tires results in flat patches as a result of pressure variations caused by heat cycles inside the rubber, as well as shorter tire wear.

Third, unused tires will dry out and deteriorate. This means the tire is breaking down physically. Driving on a tire with dry rot is quite unsafe.

Finally, tires have a life expectancy. Your tires will eventually become hazardous, regardless of how well you manage them. Your tires should also be replaced.

If you need new tires, Simple Tire is an excellent choice. They have a great selection and a simple website; go check them out and use the link below to get free shipping.

Final Remarks

You should inspect the condition of your tires if you drive your automobile on a regular basis. They should be rotated every 5,000 miles or sooner if uneven wear indicators appear on the sidewalls.

If you aren’t going to use them for a long period (for example, during the winter), keep in mind that flat regions might emerge as air pressure equalizes with atmospheric pressure over time, and deterioration can happen if they aren’t used.

It is advisable to store these items indoors, where temperatures are more consistent, rather than outside, in garages or sheds, where temperatures fluctuate between hot days and freezing nights.


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