Check Fuel Fill Inlet: [Instant Fix]-Ford
Check Fuel Fill Inlet

Check Fuel Fill Inlet: [Instant Fix]-Ford

Check Fuel Fill Inlet: [Instant Fix]-Ford

Check Fuel Fill Inlet for Ford Cars [Fix Fast]

Check fuel fill inlet- “warning” notice appears on the dashboard of your vehicle or automobile, it might be baffling. What does it mean when it says “check the fuel fill inlet”?

An evaporative emissions (EVAP) leak is present at or at the fuel tank fill inlet, as indicated by the “check fuel fill inlet” message. Check the inlet pipe for leaks and make sure the gas tank is correctly closed.

Continue reading to discover more about the “check fuel fill inlet” problem, as well as the causes and solutions.


It’s critical that you understand the fuel fill inlet before we get into the meaning of check fuel fill inlet. Otherwise, it would be impossible to navigate the criteria and options for removing the ‘check fuel fill inlet’ notice. Fortunately, figuring out what it is isn’t too difficult.

The fuel fill inlet is the area of your automobile where you fill up your truck or vehicle with fuel. It comprises mostly of the gas cap and an input line that connects to the vehicle’s gas tank. It’s an important part of your car since you can’t drive without it. It’s also the part that might cause the ‘check fuel fill inlet’ warning on your dashboard to emerge out of nowhere.

If this warning displays on your dashboard, look into your fuel fill inlet to figure out where the signal is coming from.

Fuel Fill Inlet Message should be checked.

If the message “check fuel fill inlet” appears on your dashboard, it signifies there is an EVAP leak or evaporative emissions near the fuel tank fill entrance. This also means you should double-check that the gas tank is correctly closed.

Loose Fuel cap
Loose Fuel cap

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Check Fuel Fill Inlet Examples

The following are three examples of Ford automobiles that may show this warning:

1. The Ford Escape

2. Fusion Ford, and

3. The Ford F150 pickup truck.

The Ford cautions to “check fuel fill inlet” should be carefully considered since they might indicate a problem with your fuel cap, evaporation system, or a leak.

Check Fuel Fill Inlet-Ford Escap
Check Fuel Fill Inlet-Ford Escap

What does the check fuel fill inlet on your automobile mean?

Let’s go through what it means when the check fuel fill inlet alert appears on your vehicle’s message centre now that you know where to look if there’s a problem with your filler inlet.

The Ford F150 truck, Ford Escape, and Ford Fusion are three automobiles that commonly display this message.

A problem with the fuel cap that protects the fuel fill inlet is indicated by the check fuel fill inlet alert on your vehicle’s dashboard. The evaporative emissions (EVAP) system is incomplete without the fuel cap. Gas leaks, bad gas economy, and other serious difficulties with the EVAP system can occur if it is not tightened enough or is damaged in some way.

When the fuel cap is properly secured to the intake, however, a vacuum pressure seal is produced, allowing pressurised fuel to flow freely through the system. Furthermore, dangerous gases and pollutants are trapped inside the tank, preventing them from escaping into the environment.

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The Importance of the Fuel Fill Inlet Cap.

The fuel fill intake is connected to the fuel tank, although it is hidden by the fuel caps. Metal or plastic fuel fill inlets are available. Fuel caps are an important feature of the vehicle’s evaporative emissions system because they prevent fuel and vapour leaks.

The Ford Fusion’s “Check Fuel Inlet” means “Check Fuel Inlet.

The check fuel fill inlet Ford Fusion notice means that the fuel fill inlet hasn’t closed correctly or that the gas cap or fuel fill inlet is broken.

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Damage to the fuel intake or wrong positioning of the fuel cap might result in decreased gas mileage, fuel leaks, and other EVAP system concerns.


Check the fuel fill inlet and if the fuel tank is correctly closed. If the fuel fill inlet has been correctly sealed, the engine light should switch off after a mile or two of driving.

The Ford Escape’s “Check Fuel Inlet” means “Check Fuel Inlet.

The Ford Escape alerts you to inspect the fuel fill intake if the fuel cap is unfastened. The alarm flashes on your dashboard when an evaporative leak occurs at the fuel filler inlet or on the filling inlet itself. The term “warning” has the same meaning on your Ford Fusion.


Check to see whether you threaded the fuel fill port properly. Double-check that the entrance and gas tank are correctly sealed at all times. Also, clean the fuel fill port of any visible dirt or debris.

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The word “Check Fuel Inlet” on the F150 means “Check Fuel Inlet.”

The Ford F150 has the same check fuel fill inlet alert as the Ford Escape and Ford Fusion. When the fuel fill inlet is not correctly closed, or when debris or other objects become stuck in the inlet’s aperture, preventing it from closing completely, this alert appears.


Make that the fuel inlet aperture is clean and that no dirt or debris is preventing the flap from properly closing before reinstalling the cap.

The Most Common Causes of the Warning “Check Fuel Fill Inlet”

The following are some of the causes of the “check fuel intake” warning:

1. A fuel tank that has been inadequately closed;

2. A build-up of dirt or debris in the entrance;

3. A fuel cap that is missing;

4. There is a vacuum pressure leak.

5. A leak in the evaporative emissions system (EVAP);

6. A securely screwed-on fuel cap;

7. A loose fuel cap covers the fuel fill inlet; and

8. The fuel fill inlet is hidden under a broken gas cap.

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The warning message “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” has been resolved.

You can attempt the following options to repair the “check fuel fill inlet” warning:

1. Make sure the fuel tank is correctly closed;

2. Ensure that a missing cap is replaced;

3. Clean the aperture of the fuel fill intake;

4. Screw the fuel cap just tight enough to avoid leaks; and

5. Gas caps that have been broken must be replaced.

How Do You Know If Your Fuel Filler Cap Is Damaged or Broken?

In addition to the “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” warning, other signs that your fuel filler cap is broken or malfunctioning are:

1. “Check Engine Light– (Turned On)

Once you’ve resolved the issue, the gas light will turn on and off. After you’ve halted evaporative emissions, the light might not turn off right away. But don’t worry; when you’re driving, it’ll switch off.

check engine light-ford escape
check engine light-ford escape

2. A Gas Odor That Isn’t Going Away

If you smell gas (inside your vehicle) that won’t go away, your fuel cap is broken. An inadequately closed gas tank is the source of the leaking gas or fuel vapours.

Even if the odour goes away with time, gas might accumulate and burn, especially if your automobile is enclosed. To allow gas to leave rapidly, you should open your windows.

3. A thorough physical examination

Examine the gas cap physically to see if there are any cracks, fractures, or defects. If you find any damage or fractures in the gas cap, replace it right away. If you neglect little concerns, bigger problems may develop.

4. A loose-fitting cap.

It’s ruined if the cap is loose and doesn’t screw down correctly. It is obvious that the cap needs to be changed even without physically checking it. Replace the cap and double-check that it is securely closed.

This happens occasionally, but you must replace a new cap if it does not fit properly. It isn’t a good match for your car.

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In cars without a cap, “Fuel Fill Inlet should be checked.

What should you do if the fuel intake on your capless vehicle breaks? If your vehicle has a capless fuel fill inlet, you can get it changed at a local auto dealer. You might be able to fix the broken part, but it will break again later. As a result, it’s preferable to get it replaced and enjoy a smooth ride.

What Should You Do If Your Fuel Cap Seal Is Damaged or Broken?

Fuel vapours leak into the filler neck when the gas or fuel cap seal is shattered or damaged. Because of the built-in flaps, some car experts say that driving without your gas cap will not allow harmful fumes to enter your vehicle.

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External pollutants and debris will not be able to enter the fuel tank because of the lid.

If your gas tank isn’t properly covered with a gas cap, though, dangerous gases and contaminants may leak into the environment.

The dashboard’s gas cap light will remain illuminated until the gas cap is replaced. Furthermore, stalling, an irregular idle, and lower mileage are all possible side effects.

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What is the best way to inspect a vehicle’s fuel fill inlet?

1. Visually examine the fuel fill port on the automobile.

Take a peek at the petrol filling station. If it’s too dark to see, use a flashlight to look inside and outside the fuel fill port. Examine the cloth for rips, splits, or other flaws. Even a little fracture might lead to major cracks in the future.

2. Visually inspect the seal and fuel cap.

Inspect the fuel cap and the seal between the filling tube and the gas cap after that. The seal should not have any fractures or be damaged in any way. The fuel cap must also be in excellent functioning order and securely fastened.

3. Replace any parts that are broken or damaged.

You must fix any damaged or broken parts as soon as feasible after your visual inspection. A mechanic might be able to help you. Only use brand new replacements to guarantee that the fuel fill inlet lasts as long as feasible.

4. Examine the dashboard’s display.

The dashboard will not display any warnings if the damaged pieces are properly repaired. If a warning still appears on your dashboard, follow the steps again and look for any signs of fuel use.

The precautions will protect your fuel fill inlet from catastrophic damage and ensure that any fractures are identified early. If you repeat the processes twice a week or once a month, your system will run more effectively and smoothly.

When an evaporative emission (EVAP) leak occurs at or near the fuel tank fill inlet, the “check fuel fill inlet” message displays. This warning might mean there’s an issue with the fuel cap.

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This warning can be given by any of the following vehicles:

  • Ford Escape,
  • Ford Fusion, and.
  • Ford F150.

The Message “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” and What to Do About It

1. As soon as the notification shows, check your car.

Pull over to a side road and inspect your fuel fill inlet once the “check fuel fill inlet” notification appears on your display. Don’t dismiss the warning concerning a fuel tank that isn’t properly covered and is leaking evaporative emissions.

2. As soon as feasible, replace any cracked or broken caps.

A damaged or broken cap or flap should be replaced as soon as possible. While your engine will not be harmed by the lack of a cap fuel seal, it may cause problems with other components. If individuals were more cautious, accidents may be averted.

3. The words “Fuel Fill Inlet” and “Capless Fuel System” are synonymous.

These two names refer to the same item. As a consequence, when an auto mechanic mentions the gas fill inlet, he’s referring to the capless fuel system as well. Despite its name, the mechanism still relies on caps and/or flaps to keep fuel from spilling out.

As a result, the identical fuel leak problem affects both capless and non-capless fuel fill inlets.

4. The “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” notice should then be removed.

The message and the gas light should go away once you’ve fixed the problem. However, the process of resetting may take some time. The light will turn off and the notification “check fuel fill inlet” will go away after a few kilometres.

5. Refer the owner’s handbook if you’re unsure.

If you’re not sure what to do, look over the owner’s manual. You can take your car to an automotive facility for service if you don’t know how to utilise fuel fill inlets.

However, because you will be driving, it is critical that you grasp the fundamentals from your manual. Please read it for a few seconds.

6. Ensure that the fuel fill inlet is cleaned on a regular basis.

To minimise trash buildup, it’s best if you cleaned the fuel fill inlet on a regular basis. Fuel leaks can occur when debris prevents the flaps from closing correctly. You may always take your vehicle to a reputable mechanic or car shop if you don’t have the confidence or expertise to fix it yourself.

7. Check to determine whether your vehicle’s fuel fill inlet repair is covered under warranty.

Automobile warranties, in most circumstances, cover the whole vehicle, including the gas filler. Certain extended warranties, on the other hand, may be applicable. The car dealer can provide you with further information on this specific vehicle component. It’s a good idea to carefully study the small print in your warranty.

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Pressurization of the fuel tank is required.

In order for the gas to flow smoothly and the sensors and fuel system to function effectively, the fuel tank must be pressurised. You may verify that the fuel cap is pressurised by properly situating it.

The automobile’s engine system may run correctly for a while, but the vehicle’s sensors are extremely sensitive and detect the problem right away. As a result of the sensors, your car’s dashboard may show a malfunctioning evaporation system.

Keeping Fuel Filling Inlets Efficient:

What to Do and What Not to Do?

1. A notification to “check fuel fill inlet” should be followed up on straight away.

2. Keep note of the servicing schedule for your car.

3. Examine the fuel fill inlet every time you refill.

4. Read your owner’s handbook before attempting to touch any portion of the fuel fill inlet.

5. Make sure you’re using the correct fuel to avoid damaging your inlets.

6. Make sure the fuel fill inlets are clear of debris.

7. Check for small tear in capless fuel inlets and repair them.

8. Only repair damaged flaps fuel inlets once the source of the problem has been identified.

9. “Check the fuel fill inlet,” for example.

10. Do not try vehicle repairs if you have no prior knowledge with them.

Finally, what does it indicate when you see the warning “Check Fuel Fill Inlet”?

An evaporative emissions (EVAP) leak has been discovered at or near the fuel tank fill inlet, according to the notification “check fuel fill inlet.”

Double-check that the gas tank is correctly closed and that the input pipe is clear of leaks when this message shows on your dashboard.

Once you’ve resolved the issue, the dash warning light and the gas light should turn off. Your car may not immediately reset, and the warning may stay, but don’t panic; after a few kilometres, the light and warning will turn off.

Check the fuel fill inlet Video Guide

Often Asked Questions (FAQ- Check Fuel Fill Inlet)

Q) What is the cost of repairing a gasoline fill inlet?

It’s a fire danger for your vehicle, and it might cause serious problems on the road. The cost of replacing a gasoline filler neck varies depending on whether you choose a stock or aftermarket product and your mechanic’s labour charge. In general, the average automobile will set you back around $200.

Q) What does the check fuel fill inlet on a Ford Escape mean?

There is an evaporative leak on or near the fuel filler inlet when the check fuel fill inlet warning shows on the dashboard. Examine the gasoline filler intake for any damage and make sure the flap is closed.

Q) What exactly is a fuel inlet?

The fuel fill inlet is the area of your automobile where you fill up your truck or vehicle with gasoline. It comprises mostly of the gas cap and an input line that connects to the vehicle’s gas tank. It’s an important part of your car since you can’t drive without it.

Q) What does “check fuel fill inlet” on a 2013 Ford Edge imply?

It sounds like this is a capless fuel system, and it’s alerting you to a leak in the evaporative emissions system. The gasoline filler location is a frequent site for this to happen. Visually examine the small metal flap to ensure it is “closed,” preventing gasoline vapour from escaping.

Q) On your truck, what does it mean to “check fuel intake”?

The message “check fuel fill inlet” indicates that the fuel cap, which covers the fuel fill entry, has a problem. Fuel caps play a big part in the evaporative emissions (EVAP) system.

Q) Is there a chance that the check fuel fill inlet may cause the check engine light to illuminate?

This might be one of the reasons why your “check engine” light illuminated after you filled up your tank. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy cure for this. The gas cap must be removed and reinstalled.


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