Decoded: The P1564 Nissan Code – Understanding the Problem and How to Fix It

The P1564 code is a common issue that Nissan owners face, especially those with Frontier trucks. This code indicates a problem with the cruise control system, specifically with the Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD) steering switch. While annoying, P1564 does not indicate a critical failure, only that the cruise control feature will be inoperable. Let’s take a closer look at what causes P1564, how to diagnose it, and how to fix it.

What are the Symptoms of P1564?

The main symptoms of P1564 are:

  • The check engine light will be illuminated on the dashboard.
  • The cruise control system will not work. You will not be able to turn it on or set a cruising speed.

Aside from these two issues, the truck should continue to drive normally without any noticeable problems. P1564 does not indicate an engine or transmission problem, only an issue with the cruise control switch itself.

What Causes the P1564 Code?

The P1564 code is almost always caused by a problem with the ASCD steering wheel switch in Nissans. The ASCD switch is the collection of buttons on the steering wheel that control the cruise control system.

Each button sends a specific voltage signal to the ECM (Engine Control Module) when pressed. The ECM uses these voltage signals to know that you want to turn on cruise control, adjust speed, resume, etc.

If the ECM detects an abnormal voltage from the ASCD switch, it will disable cruise control and trigger code P1564. This is most often caused by a bad connection or a faulty switch itself that is sending the wrong voltage signals.

Cruise Control Switch Voltage Values

Switch PositionVoltage Range
Main Switch Pressed0V
Cancel Switch Pressed1V
Set/Coast Switch Pressed2V
Resume/Accelerate Switch Pressed3V
All Switches Released4V

How to Diagnose P1564:

Diagnosing P1564 requires testing the switch and harness connectors with a multimeter. There are a few key voltage values to check:

  • Between the ECM and ASCD switch: Voltage should match switch conditions.
  • At the ASCD switch harness connector: Voltage should match switch conditions.
  • Directly at the ASCD switch contacts: Voltage should match switch conditions.

This will identify if the issue is with the switch itself or the connecting harness. Replacing the ASCD switch on the steering wheel is the most common repair.

Step-By-Step Diagnosis and Repair Instructions:

  1. Turn ignition on, observe P1564 code.
  2. Inspect ground connection at ECM Pin E9. Repair if needed.
  3. Check voltage at ECM harness connector Pin E10. Should match switch conditions.
  4. Check continuity between ECM harness and combination switch. Repair harness if needed.
  5. Check continuity between combination switch and ECM pin E10. Repair if needed.
  6. Check voltage directly at combination switch harness connector. Should match switch conditions.
  7. If voltage is abnormal, replace combination switch/spiral cable assembly.
  8. If voltage is normal, test switch resistance directly. Replace switch if resistance is abnormal.
  9. Clear codes and verify repair by testing cruise control operation.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some extra tips when diagnosing P1564:

  • Inspect all harness connectors for corrosion, damage, or loose pins. This can cause intermittent electrical issues.
  • Wiggle the wiring harness while testing to check for faulty wiring or loose connections.
  • Check fuse box for any blown fuses related to the cruise control system.
  • If voltage at the ASCD switch is normal but cruise still doesn’t work, the ECM could be faulty. Try a known-good ECM before replacing.

Replacement Parts Needed

If replacing the ASCD steering wheel switch assembly, you’ll need the following:

  • Combination switch assembly (includes paddle switches)
  • Electrical harness pigtail to mate the new switch to existing harness
  • Possibly steering wheel trim pieces for access
  • Electrical connector pin removal tool

Only use OEM Nissan replacement parts from a reputable supplier for proper fit and function. Generic parts may seem cheaper but often don’t work correctly. Spending a few extra dollars can save hours of diagnosis and repairs down the road.

Steering Wheel Switch Replacement Costs

PartEstimated Cost
OEM Combination Switch Assembly$125-$175
Electrical Pigtail Harness$15-$25
Airbag Removal Tools$20-$30
1-2 Hours Labor$100-$150

Professional Diagnosis Option

If you don’t have the tools, time, or experience to diagnose P1564 yourself, consider having a professional shop complete the repairs. An experienced Nissan technician can:

While more expensive than DIY, a professional diagnosis can potentially save money compared to buying parts and guessing. Most shops offer free estimates, so contact one to explore this option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common causes of the P1564 code?

The P1564 code in Nissans is most often caused by a faulty Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD) steering wheel switch. The switch contains several buttons and contacts that send voltage signals to operate the cruise control system. A bad connection, corroded contacts, or a defective switch can send incorrect voltages and trigger the P1564 code.

What are the symptoms of P1564?

The two main symptoms of P1564 are the check engine light coming on and the cruise control not working. You’ll be unable to turn on or set the cruise control. Aside from that, your Nissan should drive normally. P1564 indicates a problem only with the cruise control switch, not any other engine or transmission components.

How do I diagnose P1564?

You’ll need to test the switch and wiring harness for proper voltages using a multimeter. Key things to check are voltage between the ECM and switch, at the switch harness connector, and directly at the switch contacts. This can determine if the problem is with the switch itself or the electrical connectors/harness. Refer to a Nissan service manual for specific voltage values.

Is it safe to drive with code P1564?

Yes, it is generally safe to continue driving the vehicle with P1564 set. Since this code only affects the cruise control system, your Nissan should drive normally otherwise. The check engine light will likely stay on until the problem is fixed. We recommend repairing it when convenient to restore full functionality.

How much does it cost to fix P1564?

The average cost for P1564 repair is between $125-$250 in parts if the ASCD switch requires replacement. Labor times are typically 1-2 hours for the repair, so total garage cost can be $300 or more. If it’s just a loose connector or wiring issue, costs may be lower. Shop around for quotes.

How can I reset the P1564 code?

The best way to reset P1564 is to complete the repair for the root cause – replacing the faulty switch or wiring connection. Once this is done, the ECM will automatically clear the code. You can also disconnect the battery to clear codes temporarily, but they will come back if the underlying problem still exists.


The P1564 cruise control code in Nissan Frontiers is most often caused by a faulty ASCD steering wheel switch. By methodically testing the switch and harness connectors, you can identify and replace the faulty component. Expect to spend $125-250 on a new combination switch assembly. Or have a shop replace it in about an hour of labor. With the switch replaced, cruise control will be restored and P1564 cleared.

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