P1133 Code Chevy (Meaning, Causes, and How to Repair)

P1133 Code Chevy (Meaning, Causes, and How to Repair)

P1133 Code Chevy (Meaning, Causes, and How to Repair)

Chevy vans are recognized for his or her reliability and dependability. Nonetheless, like every other automobile, they’ll expertise issues from time to time. One sort of downside is an error code displayed on the automobile dashboard.

Should you see an error code on your Chevy truck, it will be important to observe what the code is and then take motion accordingly.

However what does error code p1133 imply on Chevrolet? The code P1133 is a generic powertrain code. It’s a code that signifies that the pc has detected an issue with the air/gas combination sensor. The most definitely reason behind the issue is a defective oxygen sensor, however it may be an issue with the gas injectors or gas pump. You probably have the code p1133, it’s important to get it checked out by a mechanic as quickly as potential.

If the problem is not addressed, the engine may suffer damage.

What Does P1133 Code Chevy Imply?

As I discussed above, the p1133 code on a Chevy signifies that the engine is operating too lean.

Whereas the main reason behind this error code is an issue with the oxygen sensor, the issue may additionally come up due to different causes mentioned under.

Should you’re getting this code, it’s vital to have your automobile checked out by a mechanic to diagnose the issue and get it mounted.

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In any other case, you may even see decreased gas economic system and efficiency, and your engine might be susceptible to harm.

P1133 Error Code Causes?

The P1133 code on a Chevrolet signifies that the automobile’s laptop has detected an issue with the air/gas ratio sensor.

This sensor is accountable for monitoring the quantity of oxygen within the exhaust stream and adjusting the gas combination accordingly. If the sensor detects a lean situation (an excessive amount of oxygen within the exhaust), it can alter the gas combination to make it richer (add extra gas).

If the sensor detects a wealthy situation (too little oxygen within the exhaust), it can alter the gas combination to make it leaner (add much less gas).

If the P1133 code is about, it implies that the air/gas ratio sensor is just not functioning appropriately and wants to get replaced.

In some cases, just cleaning or replacing the air filter can solve the problem. Nonetheless, if the code continues to come again, then the sensor will want to get replaced.

Different causes can embody a broken or shorted wiring harness, a defective oxygen sensor management module, or a vacuum leak.


Signs of the P1133 Code can embody the examine engine gentle on the sprint, poor gas economic system, and the automobile operating tough or misfiring. There might even be no indicators at all in other cases. Different causes embody:

  • Exhausting beginning
  • Harm to the catalytic converter in the long term
  • Black smoke from the tailpipe (in excessive instances)

What Does the Error Code P1133 Mean?

There are a couple of alternative ways to diagnose this error code, so it’s important to know what every methodology entails. A technique to diagnose this error code is by utilizing a diagnostic software. This kind of software plugs into your automobile’s OBD-II port and reads the difficulty codes which might be saved in your automobile’s laptop system.

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If the P113 code is current, will probably be displayed on the display of the diagnostic software.

One other means to diagnose this error code is by visually inspecting the engine bay for any indicators of leaks or harm. Should you see any suspicious-looking hoses or clamps, it will be important to substitute them earlier than persevering with to drive the automobile.

Moreover, it will be important to examine all the engine’s electrical connections to make sure that they’re safe and freed from corrosion.

In some automobiles resembling Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Audi, and Volkswagen, extreme oil consumption can foul the automobile oxygen sensors making the Mass Airflow (MAF) sensors produce incorrect sign voltages due to oil contamination.

These two situations can cause code P1133, which can be cleared by cleaning the Mass Airflow sensor using an approved solvent.

Furthermore, even in the absence of additional oil use, the use of aftermarket Mass Airflow sensors might trigger this code.

Gasket sealers which have silicone can set off this error code on account of contamination of the oxygen sensor sensing component. Due to this fact, it’s extremely beneficial to make sure that there are not any silicone sealers on the engine.

How to Repair

As I earlier talked about, the commonest reason behind error code p1133 is a defective oxygen sensor. Substitute the sensor if it’s faulty.

Additionally, you will want to carry out different repairs the place potential:

  • Restore the vacuum leaks
  • Restore the H02S sensor’s faulty electrical connections.
  • Restore/substitute H02S financial institution sensor/shorted harness
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At occasions exhaust gasoline leaks might be the reason for this downside. Due to this fact, you must examine and both restore or substitute the place potential.


When your Chevy starts to show signs of engine trouble, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the hood. One potential reason behind engine points is an issue with the P1133 code.

Should you’re getting a P1133 code, it’s vital to have your automobile checked out by a certified mechanic as quickly as potential. Ignoring this code may lead to additional engine harm and a pricey restore invoice.

Codes Associated to Error Code P1133

P1134- H02S Transition Time Ratio Sensor 1. P1134 is a generic error code that signifies an issue with the O2 sensor within the automobile’s engine.

The code could also be triggered by a defective sensor or by an issue within the electrical system. If a faulty sensor triggers the code, it can want to get replaced. If the code is prompted by a fault with the electrical system, it may need to be repaired.

Code P1133 That means on Different Car Manufacturers

It’s vital to observe that completely different automobile producers have assigned completely different definitions to error code P1133 that don’t relate to how the oxygen sensor switches.

For instance:

  • Daewoo– gas solenoid malfunction
  • Lexus and Toyota– Air/Gas sensor circuitry malfunction

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