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Motorcycle Mechanic School California

When it comes to motorbikes, California is a highly renowned state, with a variety of resources available all around the state. More motorcycle mechanic and safety training programs are available in California than in any other state. The California Motorcycle Dealers Association, with its headquarters in Lake Elsinore, exists. California has a much higher number of registered motorcycles than any other state.

In California, there are about 842,000 motorbikes registered. It should therefore come as no surprise that California has the greatest concentration of motorcycle technicians in the country. California has become a paradise for all types of bike aficionados, thus total motorcycle sales are at an all-time high. California’s geography also provides the backdrop for some of the most scenic and pleasurable motorcycle rides in the country.

Motorcycle lessons are available in California as part of a range of credential programs. Continue reading to discover about four 2-year colleges in this state that provide motorcycle rider and maintenance programs.

Best Motorcycle repair school California
Best Motorcycle repair school California

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What You Should Know about Motorcycle mechanic school California.

In California, there are a number of public 2-year institutions that provide motorcycle programs. A continuing education program at one institution offers short-term motorcycle rider instruction; students are not required to have their own motorbike or helmet. During evening and weekend lessons, you will get lectures and driving practice. The road test portion of the Department of Motor Vehicles’ motorcycle exam is completed by those who finish the program.

Small engine and motorcycle maintenance certificate programs can be completed in as little as 1-2 years. Lecture and lab learning are available in most programs; however, you may need to purchase your own instruments. Evenings and weekends are typically used for classes. Students may be able to achieve an associate’s degree by taking extra coursework, such as general education courses. See if one of these programs is perfect for you by reading on.

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Motorcycle mechanic school California List

Find below the list of Motorcycle Repair Programs in California

1. Modesto Junior College

Modesto Junior College
Modesto Junior College

Name of the Motorcycle mechanic school CaliforniaModesto Junior College
About the CollegeIn Modesto, California, Modesto Junior College is a community college.
The continuing education program at Modesto Junior College offers motorcycle training classes. Two days of training are usually offered every week, with one night and weekend class. You'll be in the classroom as well as on the driving range. Motorbikes and helmets are provided by the school. If you pass the course, the driving portion of your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) motorcycle exam will be waived.

ProgramsThe program's name is Motorcyclist Training Certificate.

• The program must last at least 16 hours.
• Tuition & Fees: Every academic year, in-state residents pay $1,166 in tuition and fees, while out-of-state students pay $7,358. (for 2018-2019).
• Public, two-year school with over 17,908 pupils (all undergraduate)
Location/Address435 College Avenue, Modesto CA 95350
Phone Number209-575-6550

2. Cosumnes River College, California.

Cosumnes River College California
Cosumnes River College California

Name of the Motorcycle mechanic school CaliforniaCosumnes River College, California.
About the CollegeCosumnes River College offers a certificate program in small engine repair that prepares you to work on a variety of tiny engines used in a variety of cars and appliances. Courses, seminars, and hands-on lab work are all part of your curriculum, giving you real-world experience working on engines. You'll learn about electronic fuel injection systems, including how to operate and diagnose them, as well as how to do basic small engine repairs. Automotive principles, shop processes, and internal combustion engines are among the other subjects covered. Two 2-week class and lab courses, one 3-week class and lab course, and one optional course are all required.
Programs• Small Engine Repair Certificate of Proficiency is the name of the program.
• Part-time program with 12-13 units.
• Tuition & Fees: Each academic year, in-state residents pay $1,104 in tuition and fees, while out-of-state residents pay $8,712 in tuition and fees (for 2018-2019).
• School Type: 14,193 students at a public 2-year school.
Location/Address8401 Center Parkway
Sacramento, CA 95823
Phone Number(916) 691-7344

3. Los Angeles Trade Tech College

LA Tech‘s Motorcycle Repair program provides a choice of optional modules to ensure that students have a thorough knowledge of the subject content.

Los Angeles Trade Tech College
Los Angeles Trade Tech College

Name of the Motorcycle mechanic school CaliforniaLos Angeles Trade Technical College
About the CollegeThe motorcycle repair mechanics certificate program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College provides lessons two evenings every week or on weekends on Saturdays. As part of the curriculum, you will be expected to acquire your own tools.

Once you've finished the required 25 units, you'll receive a certificate of completion. In addition to essential shop practices and overhaul/tune-up procedures, you'll learn to diagnose and repair fuel injection systems.

By completing the program classes, one additional core course, and 30 units of general education, you can get an associate's degree.

The program's name is Certificate of Achievement in Motorcycle Repair Mechanics.
Programs• Two-semester part-time program (25 units).
• Tuition & Fees: Every academic year, in-state residents pay $1,220, while out-of-state residents pay $7,746. (for 2018-2019).
• School Type: 13,357 students enrolled in a 2-year public school.
Location/Address400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles 90015
Phone Number(213) 763-7000

4. Sacramento City College, California

Sacramento City College
Sacramento City College

Name of the Motorcycle mechanic school CaliforniaSacramento City College
About the CollegeSacramento City College offers a Motorcycle Maintenance Technician degree, and students in this program learn the fundamentals of all forms of small engine maintenance.

Electrical, exhaust, fuel, and lubrication systems, engine theory and repair, Dyno diagnostics, and power transmissions are among the ten required courses in the motorcycle maintenance certificate program.

In addition to lectures, you'll gain hands-on experience working on bikes and their components. Leather shoes with a closed toe, safety glasses, and ear protection are all required.

Completing at least 32.5 additional units in general education and elective courses can lead to an Associate of Science degree in Motorcycle Maintenance Technician.
Programs• 27.5 unit program length • Certificate of Achievement in Motorcycle Maintenance is the name of the program.

• Tuition & Fees: Each academic year, in-state residents pay $1,104 in tuition and fees, while out-of-state residents pay $8,712 in tuition and fees (for 2018-2019).

• School Type: 2-year public school with a total enrollment of 21,379 pupils.

Location/Address3835 Freeport Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95822
Phone Number(916) 558-2111

5. Citrus College, California

Citrus College, California
Citrus College, California

Name of the Motorcycle mechanic school CaliforniaCitrus College
About the CollegeCitrus College's Motorcycle Technician Program is comprehensive, offering a wide range of motorcycle-related courses. Citrus' Career Technical Program has a motorcycle technician option.
Location/Address1000 W Foothill Blvd. Glendora, CA 91741
Phone Number(626) 963-0323

6. San Francisco City College

San Francisco City College
San Francisco City College
Name of the Motorcycle mechanic school CaliforniaCity College San Francisco
About the CollegeStudents in the Motorcycle Technician program must complete nine courses, one for each type of motorcycle maintenance. A total of 34 credit units must be completed before a certificate may be awarded.
Location/Address50 Phelan Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone Number415-239-3000

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Motorcycle Mechanic School California List Map

Admissions to the California Motorcycle Mechanic School.

Admissions departments at post-secondary colleges that provide motorcycle maintenance instruction establish their own requirements. Students should have at least a GED equivalence or a high school diploma, according to the usual requirement. The majority of California motorcycle technicians have completed some type of post-secondary education, and the first step is to enroll. Financial assistance alternatives are evaluated at this time, since there are several choices and solutions available to assist students in paying their tuition.

Work Experience as a Motorcycle Mechanic in California.

Work Experience as a Motorcycle Mechanic in California
Work Experience as a Motorcycle Mechanic in California

Working at a motorbike repair business allows a mechanic to continue their studies. A motorbike mechanic’s learning never stops and will continue throughout his or her career. Motorcycle technicians must continue to increase their skills when new technologies and engine components are introduced. After completing motorcycle mechanic school, the next stage is to gain work experience. As a form of apprentice, several motorcycle repair firms recruit inexperienced mechanics. This gives individuals the opportunity to learn on the job in a real-world scenario. California is home to a plethora of motorcycle repair shops, and the following are a few that might be the future job for many motorcycle technicians.

Prosepective workplace for motorcycle mechanic job in CaliforniaAddressPhone Number
Wrench Motorcycle Service5300 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(213) 444-8448
Road Rage Performance4697 E Belmont Ave
Fresno, CA 93702
(559) 252-1700
DMC Performance2707 Garnet Ave Suite 1B
San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 929-6339
Vintage Monkey400 N 16th St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 668-7114
Moto Guild849 13th St
San Francisco, CA 94130
(415) 926-5372

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Manufacturer-Specific Training- Motorcycle Mechanic California

Motorbike mechanic training is offered for people who want to improve their skills when it comes to working on a certain type of motorcycle. This sort of training is only available at a few universities, but it might be extremely useful in negotiating higher pay rates. Some motorcycle repair shops specialize in repairing and servicing a single brand of motorbike. Here’s a look at a few of those companies and the kind of programs they provide.

• Harley Davidson,
• Kawasaki,
• Yamaha,
• BMW,
• Suzuki,
• Honda.

Salary of a Motorcycle Mechanic in California.

The state of California has a wide selection of motorcycle mechanic salaries to choose from. Much of this is determined by where you live, as various cities have varied wage rates. The typical annual wage of a California motorcycle technician is $38,690, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the data, the top 10% of California motorcycle technicians make $64,260 per year. A mechanic’s total pay rate is influenced by the type of motorcycle repair shop and the services provided. Customizations, for example, are more expensive than standard repair services. Motorcycle mechanics’ salary varies across the state of California, and here’s a look at a city-by-city breakdown of those earnings.

CitySalary Prospect for Motorcycle Mechanic
San FranciscoSalary for the top ten percent: $75,340 ($36.22 per hour).
$53,860 ($25.90 per hour) is the median salary.
San Jose$68,790 ($33.07 per hour) for the top 10% of earners.
$52,730 ($25.35 per hour) is the median salary.
San Diego$63,010 ($30.29 per hour) for the top 10% of earners.
$54,680 ($26.29 per hour) is the median salary.
Los Angeles$56,180 ($27.01 per hour) for the top 10% of earners.
$30,100 ($14.47 per hour) is the median salary.

Employment Trends for Motorcycle Mechanics in California.

Every year, the number of motorcycle technicians in California increases. Every year, the number of motorcycle mechanics employed in the state of California rises by 3%. California has the most motorcycle mechanics out of any of the 50 states. California, by far, has the highest pay rate among the top five states that employ motorcycle technicians. Because of the large number of motorcycle fans in California, as well as the environment, being a motorcycle mechanic is a particularly attractive option. Motorcycles can be out on the road all year, which necessitates a constant need for servicing and maintenance. The steady expansion of employment is proof of this.

Motorcycle mechanic school California – Mechanic Certification

Motorcycle Mechanic Certification is a requirement for working as a mechanic on a motorcycle. Motorcycle mechanic certifications are not as standardized as in other sectors, notably the car repair business. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers more than 40 vehicle repair certificates, but no motorcycle mechanic credentials have been established. The Equipment & Engine Training Council is a non-profit organization that certifies motorcycle technicians. The EETC focuses on establishing industry standards for small engine maintenance. This category includes motorcycles, and mechanics can enhance their status by earning an EETC certification.

Employers might be subjective about the credentials that are necessary for employment because there is no globally accepted industry certification. Work experience is valued highly at certain motorcycle repair companies, while certifications are valued highly in others. The acquisition of certificates demonstrates motorcycle mechanic training and provides a level of confidence. Some repair businesses even claim that they have qualified motorcycle technicians on staff.

Certifications can be viewed as kinds of education, which creates a bit of a murky area. Upon completion of a motorcycle maintenance program, several programs provide certificates. Certificates are then utilized to get work, however the length and scope of each program varies. Employers must then decide what constitutes an acceptable kind of certification. Although the EETC accreditation is highly regarded, each shop owner assigns a subjective value to each characteristic. Obtaining credentials and qualifications is, in the end, a sort of continual education that will only assist motorcycle mechanics improve their expertise.


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