How to Reset Check emission System Acura TSX for Beginners

Seeing an illuminated check emission system warning light in your Acura TSX can be worrying. After reading this article, you’ll understand exactly what it means and how to reset it. We’ll also go over why it happens and provide tips for resolving the underlying issue.

Discovering how to reset the Check Emission System in an Acura TSX is a straightforward process, even for those new to automotive maintenance.

Common Acura TSX Emission System Issues

Loose or damaged gas capGas cap not tightened properly or damagedTighten or replace gas cap
Faulty oxygen sensorSensor is damaged or worn outReplace oxygen sensor
Bad spark plugsOld or fouled spark plugsReplace spark plugs
Cracked exhaust manifoldManifold is damaged from heat stressReplace exhaust manifold
Evaporative emissions leakLoose fuel tank cap, cracked hosesTighten cap, inspect and replace hoses

OBD Trouble Codes for Acura TSX Emission Issues

Trouble CodeProblem
P0420Catalytic converter issue
P0430Catalytic converter issue
P0135Oxygen sensor heater issue
P0138Oxygen sensor circuit high voltage
P0131Oxygen sensor circuit low voltage
P0171Lean fuel condition
P0172Rich fuel condition

What Does the Acura TSX “Check Emission System” Light Mean?

The check emission system indicator light in your Acura TSX signals that there is an issue detected with the vehicle’s emissions, fuel, exhaust, or ignition system. Don’t ignore it, as it could be caused by something as simple as a loose gas cap, bad spark plug, or faulty oxygen sensor.

As you probably know, all modern cars and light trucks come equipped with onboard diagnostics designed to detect problems with the engine that could hinder the effectiveness of the vehicle’s emissions controls.

Keep in mind that whenever the “check emission system” light stays on, it signifies a problem. However, if your check emission system light is flashing or blinking instead of solidly illuminated, there is a major issue that needs immediate attention.

Reasons Your Acura TSX Might Prompt You to Check Emission System

A factory reset is required on your Acura TSX because the emission system needs to be checked. There are several reasons why your Acura TSX might prompt you to check the emission system. Here are some of the most common:

Ignition System Problems

The ignition system is critical for starting the engine. The check engine light (CEL) will illuminate when there is an issue with a component like the spark plugs, glow plugs, or ignition coils.

Faulty Emissions System

The emissions control system tracks the levels of carbon monoxide released by the vehicle during operation. Car buyers today are environmentally conscious and choose fuel efficient, low emissions vehicles. However, it’s the oxygen sensor’s job to determine if the engine is burning the proper amount of fuel. Your Acura TSX will trigger the Check Engine Light indicating either too little or too much fuel, or a sensor malfunction.

Damaged Mass Airflow Sensor

The engine control unit uses input from the mass airflow sensor to determine how much fuel should be injected into the engine’s combustion chambers. This sensor gets readings from the air filter, so if the filter gets clogged, it can damage the sensor. A check engine indicator light (CEL) will illuminate in this situation.

Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter

Pay attention to how efficiently your filter allows exhaust gases to pass through. The filter is necessary for gas flow. This device can mitigate exhaust pollution by oxidizing the particles into a fine ash. If the process fails or the filter gets clogged, CEL will light up.

How to Reset Acura TSX Check Emission System Light

Before taking the car in for a thorough check, switch off the light and drive it to the mechanic. However, if the light does not switch off after a few seconds, you can always follow these instructions to turn off the emission control light.

As you can see, resetting the computer is the quickest way to disable the emission control indicator. But if that doesn’t work, you should take the car to a qualified technician so they can reset the light for you.

Steps to Reset Check Emission System Light on Acura TSX

Follow these steps to turn off your Acura TSX’s check emission system warning light:

  1. Turn off the ignition switch and let the engine cool down. Locate the battery in your car.
  2. Find the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals on the battery. Locate the “negative” (-) end of the cable.
  3. Unscrew the nut on the negative connector and detach it.
  4. After waiting the recommended 30-60 seconds, reconnect the negative cable and tighten its nut.

What to Check Before Resetting Acura TSX Emission System

Make sure your car’s emissions system is in good working order for your own safety on the road.

Let’s say your Acura TSX’s emission system breaks down – here is how to troubleshoot it:

  • Inspect the air filter purifier. The filter helps filter the air stream to prevent debris like dust and dirt from entering the engine. If the filter is clogged or has been in use for over a year, it needs replacement. Wipe out any dust and grime on your air filter housing with a clean cloth.
  • Check that the PCV system is working properly. This system routes crankcase gases into the intake manifold, which helps reduce engine sludge and emissions. Just examine the PCV valve to see if the hoses are damaged, missing, or otherwise not working right.
  • Examine the evaporative emissions control system (EVAP). This technology prevents toxic fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. Look over the canister, connections, and hoses for anything amiss. Depending on your vehicle make and model, the canisters may have filters that need replacement when they get dirty or blackened.a
  • Locate the exhaust gas recirculation device (EGR). This technology lowers combustion emissions by introducing exhaust gas into the intake system when temperatures get very high. Allowing some exhaust to enter the intake lowers the combustion temperature. Check the vacuum system for leaks, restricted piping, broken vacuum hoses, valves, or passages.
  • Inspect the air injection system, if your vehicle model has one. Its job is to supply fresh air through the exhaust pipes of the car where it can help burn more fuel and reduce harmful emissions like hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO). So make sure there is no damage to the pipes, valves, hoses and the belt is properly tightened.

If you have followed these troubleshooting steps and the problem continues, you should take your car to a repair facility. The expert technician there will be able to take care of it for you.

That covers the basics for resetting the Acura TSX check emission system light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acura TSX Check Emission System

Should I drive the car to the mechanic with the check emission light on?

Yes, take the vehicle in for a thorough inspection, but before you do, turn off the light and drive it to the mechanic. However, if the light does not switch off after a few seconds, you can always follow the instructions above to turn off the emission control light.

What is the fastest way to make the emission control indicator turn off?

As you saw above, resetting the computer is the quickest way to disable the emission control indicator. But if that doesn’t work, take it to a qualified technician to reset the light.

What does it mean when my Acura TSX's check emission light comes on?

When your Acura TSX’s check emission light illuminates, it means there is an issue detected with the vehicle’s emission system that needs attention.

Should the check emission engine light always be on?

No, your check emission engine light should not stay on constantly. However, if it’s flashing or blinking, that signals a serious problem requiring immediate attention.

How urgent is it if my check emission light is blinking?

A blinking or flashing check engine light always means there is a major issue that needs inspection right away. Don’t delay getting it checked out.

Hopefully this detailed overview gives you a better understanding of what to do if you see the check emission system warning light in your Acura TSX. Knowing how to troubleshoot and reset it can save you money and prevent further damage. Drive safely!

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