How to Bypass Ford PATS System without Key? [Pro Method]

How to bypass ford PATS system without key: On the off chance that you have misplaced your Ford car key and need to begin your vehicle without a key, you can follow the accompanying procedures to figure out How To Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key? In a couple of minutes, here we merely recorded the most well-known strategies of bypassing ford PATS system without employing an allowed key with you.

If you can’t start your car but don’t want to spend money on professional assistance or can’t find another one, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

This document was created to aid you with circumventing your vehicle’s PATS system without spending a lot of money. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having car security systems installed in your vehicle. You will soon regain entry to your car with the help of this tool.

How to bypass ford pats system without keys
How to bypass ford pats system without keys

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Ford PATS System

The worst feeling in the world is approaching where you originally parked your car only to learn that it has suddenly vanished. Vehicle theft has been a persistent problem for a long time, and automakers have devised several techniques to combat it throughout the years.

PATS is the most well-known security system. PATS is a mechanism that recognizes whether you have the original key to start the engine or a cheap key from Wal-Mart. Around 1996, the technology was first implemented in Ford automobiles. Following that, the technology was installed in a large number of Ford automobiles.

If you lose the first key, you will never approach the car again. Even if you open the doors, the engine will not turn over, regardless of how many times you turn the key to the one position.

As long as you have the original transponder key, you may set up another one. The cycle isn’t difficult, and you may complete it on your own with ForScan. If not, you can contact a vendor and have them programme a new transponder key for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.

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How Does the Ford PATS System Work?

A radio frequency transponder with a particular electrical recognised proof code is embedded in the PATS keys’ key ring. When you power on your car, the installed PC sends out a Radio Frequency (RF) signal, which is picked up by the key’s transponder.

The vehicle’s PC receives an extraordinary RF transmission from the key’s transponder. This confirms that the key in use is the correct one, allowing the car to start. The vehicle’s PATS system will trigger a traditionalist reaction if the installed PC does not get the valid ID code from the key. For example, the fuel siphon may be disabled or the motor could be rendered inoperable.

Tools Checklist for to bypass ford PATS system without key

There are several requirements that must be met in order to bypass the ford PATS system. Some tools, like as a screwdriver, are utilized in the process of circumventing a Ford PATS system. Second, the owner must obtain new keys that are identical to the original. The transponder requires tape to suspend it when the original key is removed.

(New Keys)These keys must be trimmed to match the original chipped key.
(Flathead Screwdriver)It's required to remove the RFID chip from the primary key.
(Tape)The chip must be mounted near to the ignition.

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How to bypass ford PATS system without key?

bypass ford pats system
bypass ford pats system

Steps to follow on how to bypass the ford pats system without the key.

When circumventing the Ford PATS system without a key, one should follow the instructions to avoid any problems that may arise as a result of the key being lost. Because bypassing is not suited for a vehicle’s safety from potential car theft, the measures are temporary and not permanent. The car owner receives a new transponder key after circumventing the Ford PATS system, ensuring strong security in the system once more.

Is it reasonable to assume you’re upset because you misplaced the main key or you’re trying to figure out how to circumvent the Ford PATS system without one? You can, however, unwind. We’ll guide you through the methods you can use to get around Ford’s PATS system.

Before we begin, keep in mind that the steps below should not be considered a long-term solution because they will leave your car vulnerable to potential vehicle hoodlums. You should just skip the Ford PATS system for a short time until you have a new transponder key. The steps of bypassing Ford’s PATS system are as follows:

To begin, you’ll require.

Before we go in, there are a few things you should do to avoid the system. The items listed above in the post will allow you to take use of the PATS system, so attempt to arrange them all and read the rest of the article.

To get inside the key, use a flathead screwdriver. If you don’t have a screwdriver, you may use anything with a razor-sharp edge. Please obtain a second set of keys and have them cut to match the original set as said before. When you’ve removed the transponder from the real key, you’ll need tape to hang it up.

You’ve gotten your hands on the keys.

How would I be able to disable the Ford PATS system in order to get past the PATS system? The most important step is to go to a neighboring merchant and get the keys cut. The new keys will match the first key because they were chopped.

In this manner, you may safely insert the key into the starter and turn the motor on. Additionally, the chipped key will no longer be required to start the car. The keys will not be programmed. We’ll utilize the new keys to trick the system into thinking you’re turning on the engine with the transponder key. There’s more on this down below. Until notice, make sure you have the keys cut so you can use them.

Remove the transponder from the equation.

After you’ve cut the keys, you’ll need to remove the chip from the transponder. The chip within the key informs the car that you have the first key and are free to approach the vehicle. You won’t be able to start the car without the chip, which is precisely what we’re trying to avoid. To remove the chip, use the following methods:

• Take the flathead screwdriver.

• There is a square right at the top of the key.

• Attempt to go inside with the flathead screwdriver.

• When going inside the key, don’t put too much pressure on it since it will shatter.

• Once you’ve gotten the screwdriver inside, keep removing the transponder from the key.

Simply by removing the transponder from the necessary key, you’ve made significant progress. You’ll be able to utilise the new keys you bought lately with the transponder.

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To disable PATS system, follow these steps.

The transponder is the primary means for the car to determine that you have the correct key, which is why we removed it. We’ll put the transponder on the start so the car knows you’re not trying to cheat.

Because the transponder is near to the key, the car will immediately assume you have the first key when you insert the new one. To install the transponder, make the following adjustments:

• Use tape to precisely wrap the transponder on the start. Place the chip in a location where the car can read it. Otherwise, the vehicle will not start.

• Insert the newly cut key into the beginning right now.

• Turn the key to the on position to see whether the car will start. If the car won’t start, you’ll need to move the chip until it does.

It takes a lot of tries to find the exact spot for the transponder, so don’t be too concerned if you don’t get it on the first try. You can activate the burglary light twice while doing so, but you must keep going until you find the best location for the chip.

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A Ford PATS Key is being tested.

If you don’t make sure the Ford PATS key is clear before programming it, your reprogramming will most likely fail. To see if the PATS key is utilizing ForScan, use the methods below.

• Place the clear key in the lock’s start position.

• Next, locate the module in the ForScan programme where PATS is stored.

• Go to the Service tab and look for the module that allows you to programme PATS. The location varies depending on the automobile type; you may find it at the PCM, PATS, IC, or HEC, for example.

• For newer automobile models with CAN transport, look at the DTC for the PATS module in the Errors category. Run the PATS module individual test in the Tests section for more experienced automobile models.

• The DTC codes displayed include;

• Your clear key may be adjusted for your car using the B1601 code (B10D7:51 for new PATS).

• B1600 code (B10D7:87 for new PATS) indicates that the PATS system was unable to recognise your clear key and is thus incompatible with your car.

• B1602 code (at the same time as B1600, B1601) (B10D7:8F for new PATS), the PATS system is unable to read your key transponder consistently. This is a common occurrence with clones. Try moving the transponder to a different part of the key coxcomb. If the transponder isn’t working, replace it.

• Transponder Programming Failed (B2431 code).

• If you’re utilising the B1600 or B1601 codes, the key you’re using has been updated in the PCM.

• If the test reveals a different code, contact customer service.

To use FORScan to verify the clear PATS key, you’ll need a sturdy OBD2 cable. Note: For FORScan code modifications, we recommend utilizing the OBD2 USB port since it provides a more stable connection.

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My Ford PATS System needs to be reset.

The PATS system will be activated if someone tries to start the vehicle with something other than the PATS key that has been changed to that vehicle. A red light on the scramble will flash faster than expected as a result of this. Until either the legitimate key is used or 15 minutes have passed, the car will remain in this mode.

If neither of the aforementioned events occurs, the Security Lock engine immobilizer will activate within the time frame, allowing your car to be delivered without delay. If this happens, you may need to reset the system if it does not return to normal after you use your PATS key to turn on your car. To reset the Ford PATS system, follow the steps below.

• Insert and turn the PATS key into the start.

• Wait 15 minutes until the glimmering rate on the red light on your dashboard returns to normal, then try both keys again.

• If this fails to start the vehicle, open the hood, disconnect the battery for 15 minutes, reconnect it, and try again.

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The Advantages of Installing Car Security Systems

Thieves’ Risk Minimized.

A cheater would always choose an obvious target, such as a weak vehicle parked in an open parking lot. Having a good car warning system installed, or even a security system’s alert logo, will deter potential criminals. The hoodlums may flee as a result of your caution.

Manual Alarms

Many alert systems now allow you to signal or activate manual warnings, which is useful if you’re having trouble seeing your car in a parking lot. With the press of a button, your insurance device will activate, alerting you to the location of your vehicle.

Mobile App Connected

The majority of vehicle warning systems now have a wide range of applications. As a result, the client could switch it on and off from afar. It also gives you complete control over your vehicle’s insurance at all times.

Reduced the cost of insurance.

The cost of auto insurance will be reduced by installing a warning system in both newer and older model vehicles. When compared to someone who does not have an assurance gadget installed in their vehicle, you can expect to pay less.

Insurance companies consider security and assurance when determining your total protection charge. If the risk of auto robbery is reduced, each protection provider will reduce your premium on a regular basis.

Raised selling price.

To increase the selling price of your automobile, it is strongly recommended that you install an effective vehicle safety system. Many customers would be willing to pay a higher price for a motor that has a warning system. The consumer would be even happier if they bought anything from you and left their automobile in a public place.

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Benefits of avoiding Ford’s PATS system.

By avoiding the Ford PATS system, one can get benefits in a variety of ways, including the following:

• It is cost-effective.

In the event of an emergency, bypassing can help you save money on a new car transponder key. It also saves money in cases when hiring specialists isn’t necessary and there aren’t many difficult-to-find items required to complete the task.

• Time-consuming.

It takes time because the servicing does not require many resources and may be completed by the vehicle owner.

• Simple to work with.

To conduct the act of bypassing, all that is required is tacit knowledge and a few assumptions about the vehicle’s components.

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The disadvantages of Bypassing Ford’s PATS system are as follows:

Because the transponder chip is not operational when the Ford PATS system is bypassed, the vehicle’s security is compromised, and it may be vulnerable to theft. As a result, it is recommended that the transponder chip in the PATS system not be disabled.

What Is Ford PATS?

The PATS (Passive Anti Theft System) device in Ford automobiles is a passive anti-theft system. It was designed as a security feature to keep Ford automobiles from being taken by criminals or thieves.

It was initially designed in 1996, and since then, numerous Ford automobiles have had PATS as standard equipment. However, PATS is not available on all Ford cars manufactured after 1996.

When the first or original Ford Key is put in the vehicle, the PATS transmits a message to the automobile. If a different key is input instead of the original, the system will detect it. It can tell the difference between genuine and counterfeit keys.

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Frequently Asked Questions are a list of frequently asked questions.

Q) What evidence is there that a car has a PATS system?

Ans: A key that does not react to the transponder indicates whether or not a car has a Ford PATS system. The theft light flashes, indicating that the car has a Ford PATS system.

Q) Is it possible to go around the PATS system?

Ans: The PATS system may be circumvented not just by specialists, but also by ordinary people. The sole requirement is the transponder key, which is used to fool the system into thinking there is no theft in the car. The transponder serves just to aid in the removal of the chip, allowing any key to match the original key to start the car.

Q) What are the many methods in which the Ford PATS system operates?

Ans: The chip is in the initial phase of the Ford PATS system because it notifies the system that the original key is the one in the transponder for starting the car. Second, the system reads the chip, confirming that the key used is correct and, as a result, the car begins to operate.

Q) How would I permanently disable those who oppose the robbery system?

Ans: To turn off the anti-theft system, hit the unlock button key on your remote. It is recommended that you use the key to unlock the door and turn on the starter. If it doesn’t work, try locking the driver’s side doorway with the key while you’re out of the car.

Q) Without the first, how would one program a Ford key?

Ans: Insert the transponder key in the ignition and turn it on. After that, leave it on for around 10 minutes and 25 seconds. You’ll undoubtedly concentrate on the scramble when you utilize the key to activate your start. The security light on the car should illuminate.

Q) How can I turn off the Ford factory alert?

Ans: On a Ford F-150, disabling the alarm entails inserting the key into the ignition and turning it to the ‘on’ position. If it hasn’t incapacitated you yet, try turning the engine over. Alternatively, you may disable it by pressing the alert button on your key fob.


That concludes our discussion of How To Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key. To continue, below are a few amazing ideas that you may find useful in circumventing the Ford PATS system on your own: The most important thing to do is disconnect the battery, remove and reattach the driver’s seat, and try starting it again — if it starts, it means the problem is with the PATS (Passive Anti-Theft System) module.

It takes very little time or effort to figure out how to disable the Ford PATS system, and you can do it without the help of a dealer. If you can’t find a transponder key for your vehicle, bypassing the Ford PATS system comes in handy.

Also, if you’re looking to spend a lot of money on new transponder keys, this method will get you out of trouble. While this isn’t the safest way to get an extra key, you can use it on and off to burn through funds on another car key.


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