How Much is A Scrap Car Worth? [Important Guide]
How Much is A Scrap Car Worth?

How Much is A Scrap Car Worth? [Important Guide]

How Much is A Scrap Car Worth? [Important Guide]

How much is A Scrap Car Worth? Are you going to sell that old Junker in your driveway because you’re sick of looking at it? Perhaps you don’t even know how much that old automobile is worth. Is currently the greatest moment to sell that item, and would someone offer you cash for it?

Even junk automobiles have some value, but how much your particular car is worth depends on a variety of things. You might expect to get a certain amount for your automobile depending on a number of factors, including its size, weight, and the state of the scrap metal market. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the price of junk cars so that you can estimate how much your automobile is worth.

How Much is A Scrap Car Worth
How Much is A Scrap Car Worth

How much is A Scrap Car Worth?

How much do you get for scrapping a car is one of the most often asked questions we get. With the current pricing for scrap metal, the value of junk automobiles might change. If your old junk automobile has no salvageable components, it will simply be recycled. The amount the junkyard will pay you for your automobile will generally depend on the weight of the various metals it contains.

Your car’s largest and heaviest component is constructed of steel. Today’s cars typically include 2,000 to 2,500 pounds of steel. The modern automobile also includes copper and aluminum in addition to steel. These metals are present within your car in significantly lesser amounts. The typical quantity of aluminum and copper in a car is 200–300 pounds of aluminum and even less of copper, respectively.

Scrap Car price
Scrap Car price

You can probably get a bit more money for the car if you can separate the metal in it. Steel scrap is worth $208 per ton as of September 2021, based on current scrap rates. That works out to about $0.10 per pound. Even full autos can be priced at a scrap rate by several scrap yards. This pricing is now $203 per ton, or around $0.10 per pound. So you can calculate the worth of your automobile using its weight.

For mid-size vehicles, the typical scrap value is between $150 and $300. This amount might be as little as $100 for smaller autos. You may see $250 to $450 for bigger SUVs or trucks. We will now look at the formula used to determine these figures.

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Calculating the cost of scrap cars.

The aforementioned figures were computed using pure scrap values. The scrap value of a car is determined by the salvage yard by multiplying the weight of your car by the going rate for scrapping automobiles. In rare circumstances, they could choose to add the values of the various types of metal in your automobile to determine its worth, which frequently results in a larger amount. They could find, for instance, that your automobile contains 30 pounds of copper, 200 pounds of aluminum, and 2,000 pounds of scrap steel. This strategy may get you $350 for a typical-sized automobile because copper wire costs around $1.00 per pound and aluminum costs about $0.50 per pound.

Most junkyards won’t sort items for you in that way since it takes too long. If your vehicle contains salvageable components, you could be better off selling it to a company like Pull-A-Part or breaking it down yourself. Since replacing a catalytic converter is so expensive, removing and selling a single item like a catalytic converter yourself might earn you several hundred dollars.

Calculating A Scrap Car Worth
Calculating A Scrap Car Worth

About 40% of the value of the pieces in the automobile is the amount of money you may anticipate getting from a salvage yard. Keep in mind that an automobile loses value the longer it sits. Over time, the salvageable components degrade and lose value. Therefore, you should sell the parts as quickly as possible if you want to get the greatest price. You might be able to sell the good wheels your car has on it for a few hundred dollars as well. The catalytic converter, alternator, electric motors, wheels, vehicle batteries, and radiator are a few examples of the most expensive components in an automobile. Parting out an automobile might occasionally earn $1,000 or more, but it takes time and expertise to get the precious components out.

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What kind of automobile is it? is the most fundamental aspect that determines the price of a trash car. The current market worth of the automobile and its parts depends on the year, manufacturer, and model. The used car’s worth according to the Canada Black Book might be useful, however trash automobiles are valued differently, especially if they have several issues that make them inoperable. Up to 20 to 40 percent of the car’s utilized value may be found in junk automobiles.

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So how does the car’s year, manufacture, and model affect its market value? A automobile will be worth more if it is still frequently used, if it is exceptionally uncommon, or if there is a large demand for its spare parts. If your Junker is a common vehicle, such as a Nissan Altima, it will be more beneficial than, say, a Dodge Neon.

Because automotive materials can differ significantly from year to year, the year, manufacturer, and model are also crucial. Today, other materials—like plastics that are good for the environment—are more prevalent. As a result, vehicles from particular years may have much less steel and aluminum than others, which has an impact on how much a vehicle is worth as scrap – more on this in the section below.

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Although most normal vehicle owners wouldn’t give it much thought, it actually has a significant impact on how much a trash automobile is worth. Even unsalvageable autos may be converted into scrap metal. After all, a typical automobile weighs roughly 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminum, and all of that metal can be exchanged for cash or recycled into brand-new goods.


The problem is that scrap metal prices change significantly from year to year. Everything depends on the availability and demand for steel and aluminium. For instance, prices will be low when there is a big supply of metal and a low level of demand. The same factors that affect prices also rely on the regional market.


What a buyer can do with the car depends on how well it is maintained. Will they be able to fix it up so they can sell the vehicle? Will they disassemble it and sell the parts? Or will they sell the scrap metal that they make from it?

If your trash car just has a few minor problems that make it difficult to drive, you can demand a higher price than if it’s a total lemon, especially if the car model’s current market worth is high. However, the particular situation continues to be important. A buyer won’t be as eager to spend as much for the automobile itself if the overall cost of repairs to get it functioning again is quite high.

scrap car condition
scrap car condition

Likewise, depending on the type, your junk automobile may need to be purchased for its components or scrap value if it is a rusted-out vehicle that will never be driven again.

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Consider the case when you have an old, junk automobile that is not worth restoring. The batteries, tires, and radio may all theoretically be taken out and repurposed, thus the car’s components still have worth. The level of demand determines the parts’ market value. Value increases as demand increases.

Demand is high if other owners of the same automobile regularly require repairs. Demand is high if your Junker is a rare vehicle for which components are difficult to get by. In contrast, your automobile is probably worth less if its parts aren’t frequently sold again.

Additionally, some parts are worth more than others, so if your automobile has functional tires, suspension components, lights, and other outside pieces, it will probably sell for more money. The going fee will be lower, though, if your automobile is lacking components with a high market value.

The cost of gasoline, the average age of cars, and the amount of used older cars are some other criteria that are used to determine the total market need for spare parts.

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Last but not least, the price will be influenced by where your trash automobile is located. There are a few other location-specific elements to take into account.

First of all, scrap metal costs differ from area to region.

Second, the market price of the automobile and its parts will depend on how well-liked particular vehicles are in a given region.

Thirdly, whether the junk car buyer will have to pay extra for shipping the automobile and its parts depends on how close the salvage yard is. Some car removal firms, fortunately, offer FREE towing of your vehicle if the automobile doesn’t operate and you don’t live close to a junkyard or programme for unwanted cars.

Do Scrap Prices Frequently Change?

You might be curious about how frequently scrap metal prices fluctuate. The response is always! The prices in the global scrap market fluctuate every day, and in many respects, scrap prices are comparable to stock market values. You won’t, however, likely notice significant daily price variations. Scrap prices often only fluctuate by a few pennies from day to day, unlike stock prices, which can shift by several percentage points.

Weekly price adjustments are the most likely outcome. The majority of scrap purchasers will update their weekly pricing and monitor market patterns over the previous few days before establishing their rates in accordance with those trends. Even yet, these weekly adjustments are typically not very significant.

Even some scrap buyers may only change their prices once a month. Monthly updates are usually sufficient because price changes are often modest and minor. However, when the market is as volatile as it is right now, monthly updates might not be sufficient. If prices are not updated more often, a scrap buyer may find himself in an undesirable situation.

Method to sell scrap cars
Method to sell scrap cars

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5 Methods For Selling A Scrap Car.

You might be wondering how to sell your scrap automobile now that you know how much it is worth and how the price is determined. Here are the most popular ways to sell a trash automobile out of your range of disposal alternatives.

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Method 1: Sell To Private Party, in order.

You may try to sell your automobile to an individual through Craigslist or another platform. Some people might want to buy a car that they can restore in order to own a certain model. This method of selling can frequently result in the best price, but it can also be the most challenging. It might be challenging to find a private buyer for a scrap automobile, and selling it can take a while.

Method 2: Split It Up.

Additionally, this approach can put additional money in your pocket. The biggest total payout may be obtained by selling the pieces from your car, although it may take some time. In addition, you’ll need to locate buyers for each element, as well as the appropriate equipment and expertise to remove the pieces. The abilities necessary to achieve this are often not present in the normal automobile owner. But if you do, this is a fantastic approach to maximise your earnings! You may still take the remains of the automobile to the junkyard and earn a few bucks for it even after all the expensive components have been removed.

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Method 3: Sell To An Auto Salvage Yard.

You could get a bit more money by selling to an auto salvage yard, but someone else will have to do the labor-intensive task. The salvage yard will remove and sell any functional and valuable pieces from your automobile if they are still present. You can still receive a percentage of that additional cash, though. Most of the time, a salvage yard will give you around 40% of what the still-useful auto components are worth. Therefore, if your automobile still has $2,000 worth of decent components in it, you might be able to sell it for $800.

Method 4: Offer It To A Junkyard.

This is a common way to dispose of an automobile that is only good for scrap. The amount you are given will be determined by the value of a junk automobile depending on the weight of your vehicle. However, most individuals find this technique to be rather simple. Just beware of unforeseen costs! Some junkyards can insist that you cover the cost of towing yourself, which might reduce your revenues. Additionally, if you are not pleased with the first offer, you may always haggle with them or seek bids from other junkyards.

Method 5: Sell To An Online Service That Removes Junk Cars

This approach is frequently the simplest of all. Most of the time, these automobile purchase services provide a hassle-free experience. They will come to you and pick up the car with free towing if you accept their fast offer within a few minutes over the phone or the Internet. You may utilize apps for some to make the experience more simpler. Even if your automobile is in good condition, you will normally earn an average price because many people will acquire it. In such instance, the offer you receive will be based on the car’s book value. Many sellers opt to at least acquire an estimate from one of these purchasers because it is free to use their car value calculators to get a quick price.

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1. Describe Your Vehicle: Call them or fill out an online form to provide the details they want about your car so they can make you the best offer.

2. Receive An Instant Offer: Once they have all the necessary information, they will present you with a straightforward offer for your vehicle, truck, van, or SUV, which you can accept or reject. You have the choice. Mostly without conditions.

3. Accept the Offer: After accepting the offer, you may start collecting all the required documentation, such as the title that has been signed.

4. They Come to You: They’ll come to you to evaluate the automobile, confirm its condition, and gather all relevant papers once you select a day and time for pickup.

5. Get Paid Correctly Then, after making sure your automobile is in working order, they will give you your check and pack your car for towing back to the yard. I’m done now. 5 easy steps.

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How to get the Best Price For Your Scrap Car.

How can you sell a junk automobile in such a way that you receive the most money for it? Everyone wants to obtain the most money for their car. Here are some pointers. Check to see whether any pieces of your automobile are still functional first. If so, you’ll probably want to sell right away. The value of those pieces will decrease the longer it sits. Rubber starts to harden, electrical components stop functioning, and stainless steel starts to degrade. You will just have a non-operational scrap automobile if you wait too long.

Watch the market for recycled metal if you just have a scrap automobile. Waiting a bit longer can result in you getting more money if the market is heading higher. Selling sooner could be a wiser alternative, though, if the market is headed downward. Doing your homework will provide you the knowledge you need to sell your car for maximum price.

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Quotes will often be somewhat more if you can transport the car, and desirable brands and models can bring in a higher price.

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11. FORD F-150

How Scrap Metal Prices Affect the Values of Junk Cars.

As we’ve already mentioned, the price of scrap metal greatly influences the cost of trash cars. The question “How much is my trash automobile worth?” may be on your mind. or “How much will I receive for scrapping a car?” It depends on what scrap metal is now worth on the market. There are a number of reasons why the price of scrap metal has fallen to a relatively low level during the last couple of years.

First, other nations, like Canada, have begun to create their own steel, and as a result, they are no longer as dependent on American steel. Additionally, the demand for recycled steel has decreased globally. The price decreases when demand declines, just like it does for everything else in the economy. As a result of this tendency, current scrap vehicle values are lower than they were in the past.

The pricing of the two are intimately correlated since scrap metal makes up the majority of a scrap automobile. The cost of junk automobiles decreases as the price of scrap metal does. Similar to how your scrap automobile will be worth more as the market for scrap metal increases When markets are down, you must choose whether to hold off and hope for a quick recovery. If you want to sell your car’s useable components, waiting may reduce its worth. However, if scrap metal prices rise sufficiently, waiting may increase your financial gain.

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Current state of the scrap metal market.

In the last 12 to 24 months, the scrap metal market has been highly turbulent due to the coronavirus epidemic. Scrap prices fell sharply during the start of the epidemic. Due to some nations starting to create their own steel and depending less on the global scrap market, prices were already beginning to decline. Additionally, the epidemic led to a sharp decline in worldwide demand. The scrap market was significantly harmed by this. Although they have started to recover, prices have dropped to historic lows.

Global supply networks are already beginning to feel the pandemic’s impact. Products are once more in high demand. In actuality, both the cost and demand for both new and secondhand cars are soaring. Shipping and transportation are now causing major problems for the global supply chain, making it more challenging to move raw commodities where they need to go. As a result, scrap prices have started to increase once more.

The majority of economists predict that prices will increase for the rest of 2021. If you need to sell a trash automobile, there is fantastic news for you! Buyers of junk cars are already paying more than they were a few months ago, and this pattern should continue until the issues with the supply chain start to improve.

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Often Asked Questions How Much is A Scrap Car Worth?

Q) How can I tell if it’s worthwhile to scrap my car?

A: Even if an automobile is completely useless, it still has some worth. So, how much money can you make by junking a car? The real issue would be whether you could sell it as scrap metal or as pieces. If you’re hesitant, you may always get in touch with a few prospective purchasers to hear their feedback and offers. However, if you want to make a few more dollars, it is still worth scrapping your automobile even if it has been sitting for years and doesn’t run. You can probably still walk away with at least $150 in your pocket even in the latter scenario.

Q) When would be the ideal moment to junk my car?

A: The ideal time to sell individual components from your car is right now! The likelihood that you may discover still-usable pieces decreases with time. However, the optimum time to recycle your automobile is when scrap metal prices are high if you solely want to use it for scrap metal. Since those prices are now rising, it would be worthwhile to hold off on scrapping your automobile a bit longer to see how much farther they will rise.

The Final Verdict.

Although the prices of scrap metal and junk cars fluctuate, you now need to have a clear idea of how the two are connected. You could think about an alternative to recycling if you want to sell your automobile for the greatest money. Selling your automobile to a salvage yard or online car buyer might potentially increase the amount of money you make if it’s still in good condition.


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