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Honda B12 Service: If you own a Honda, you might be wondering what the B12 service code on your dashboard or MID screen means. Thankfully, you’ve come to the proper spot to discover all of this and more.

Regardless of the Honda model, if you stick to the suggested maintenance plan below, your car will stay in good shape.

Honda B12 Service (Accord, Civic, CRV, Odyssey Code).

The Honda B12 or any other service code blinking on your dashboard is a function of your vehicle’s maintenance minder system, which alerts and draws your attention to a specific service that your vehicle requires at that time.

These services are required as a result of how your engine operates at higher temperatures during short trips, frequent starts and stops, or other factors that affect the oil life of your vehicle.

honda B12 service
honda B12 service

What Does Honda B12 Service Mean?

Regular maintenance will improve the safety, performance, efficiency, and durability of your Honda while also saving you money in the long run. The Honda B12 Service is among the most comprehensive and detailed regular servicing and maintenance recommended by Honda USA.

Decoding of B12 Service
BThe letter B denotes an oil change.
1A tires rotation is indicated by the number 1.
2The number 2 denotes the replacement of both the engine and cabin air filters.

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What you should know about Honda B12 Service?

The Honda B12 service is essentially a routine check performed by a Honda mechanic. It costs around $80 in components, with labor costing around $120 per hour. A Honda mechanic can complete this task in under 20 minutes, or up to 30 minutes if they take their time. A dealer will bill you for the entire hour.

The following are the components of this service:

• oil and oil filter replacement.

• Replace the air filter.

• Replace the cabin air filter.

• visual fluid and refill checks (brake, tranny, windshield washer).

• Axle boots and brake pads should be inspected visually.

• rotating the tires

The first three tasks may be completed by the owner in under 30 minutes. The cabin filter is located under the glove box, and the air filter is easily accessible and replaceable (though it is not usually essential). The oil change is a little more difficult, but it can be completed in 10 minutes.

The axle boot inspection is just glancing beneath the automobile at the wheels. Axle boots are made of rubber and are frequently found around the rim. They must be replaced if they are torn. This is when a Honda mechanic is required!

honda civic b12 service code
honda civic b12 service code

With the wheel off the automobile, you can check the brake pads. Getting a good look at them might be tricky. However, if you lack brake pads, your car will not only create a noise (like a scraping sound) while driving, but on many models, your car computer will also alert you. Unless you’ve done it before, you should have a Honda mechanic replace the brake pads. Simply said, tyre rotation is the process of moving tires from the back to the front and vice versa. A mechanic is more likely to be able to perform this.

The B12 supplement is both overpriced and ineffective. Tire rotation is purely a personal preference. Depending on how often you brake, a car can run OK with brake pads that are near to replacement thickness for a while. The inspection of the axle is done visually. As a result, changing the oil is the most critical service, although you may postpone it for a time. Changing the air and cabin filters is also an option; you may not need new ones, and you won’t notice any difference in any case.

honda engine oil change
honda engine oil change

Even if it isn’t necessary, the Honda mechanic will replace the first three parts. It’s simply too easy for the owner to forget to top off the brake fluid and windshield washer fluid.

Finally, if you’ve been changing the oil and other fluids yourself, the B12 service is something you may avoid.

Note: By doing it yourself, you may save $200 or more.

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What Does Honda B12 Service Code Indicate?

In brief, the B12 code denotes three major maintenance that must be performed: b denotes the need to change the oil and oil filter, 1 denotes the need to rotate the tyres, and 2 denotes the need to replace the air filter and cabin filter.

These are the fundamental inspections that the Honda mechanic will do in response to the codes. You, as the owner, may, however, do it yourself.

When you get the B12 code, remember that your vehicle’s particular service items include changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, and cabin air filter, as well as performing tyre rotation and vehicle inspections.

What is the price of a Honda b12 service?

As previously said, you may conduct the b12 service on your own automobile for roughly $70 to $80 if you acquire the necessary components.

A breakdown of the necessary material costs includes the cabin air filter, which may cost about $20; oil and oil filter, which can cost around $30; and any additional parts, which can cost approximately $70, as previously noted.

If you take it to a Honda repair, labour can cost up to $120 per hour, and experts will spend little more than 20 to 30 minutes fixing it all. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you may expect to pay between $250 and $300 for the b12 service.

How can you clear the b12 or other service codes on your Honda?

When the Honda expert completes the b12 service or any other required maintenance on your Honda, he is instructed to reset the maintenance minder to turn off the warning light on your dashboard.

Let’s pretend the technician didn’t. In such scenario, you’ll have to finish the job on your own. Fortunately, the procedure is simple and may be used on any Honda car equipped with Maintenance Minder.

The first thing you should do is push and hold the reset button repeatedly. When the oil life indicator reaches 100%, stop pressing.

After that, press and hold the same button for a few seconds to make sure the oil life indicator and maintenance code start blinking. Next, press and hold the reset button once more, this time to guarantee that the oil life indication is reset to 100%. You’ll see that the maintenance item code has vanished at this point.

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Understanding how Honda’s service codes work.

Other service codes, in addition to the b12 service, might be shown and necessary owing to the owner’s performance. You should be aware that all service codes are part of the vehicle’s maintenance reminder system at this stage.

This onboard computer monitors and records sensor readings in various components of your car to decide when it’s time to service it and tell you when it’s time.

The catch is that while your engine is running at a greater temperature, the oil life depletes faster than when you’re going at low RPMs under normal conditions.

In the display dash, there is a range indicator that will tell you if your oil life is low. However, the automobile also employs service codes to assist you in determining the services that are necessary.

B12, as we’ve seen, a13, a123, and so on are examples of these codes. The primary code plus a subcode make up these codes. In the b12 service code, for example, B is the primary code while 1&2 are sub-codes.

This may not appear to be very obvious, but thankfully, there is a page in the automobile manual’s maintenance section that lists all of the service numbers and what they mean.

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How to Turn Off the Honda B12 Service Light?

One would expect the automobile to turn off the service light after recognizing that all settings have been adjusted to normal.

This is not the case; the service light is not automatically reset, and the mechanic must do it manually. The notice is turned off, indicating that all conditions have been met.

This may also be done by the automobile owner in a simple method that requires little effort and time. The next step is to locate the reset button and press it down firmly until the oil life indicator shows.

When this happens, release the button and press it again, maintaining pressure and ensuring the indication is reset to 100%. At that point, the Honda B12 service code will disappear.

What are the recommended service intervals for a Honda?

Service intervals are determined on the number of miles travelled rather than the amount of time after purchase. When it comes to air filters, they should be checked at least every 10k miles and replaced every 20-25k miles if they become unclean.

The brake pads may need to be replaced every 25-35 thousand miles, while the rotors may last up to 50 thousand miles. Oil changes should be done every 7-10k miles, depending on the kind of oil.

Depending on driving style, quality, and car type, tyres can last anywhere from 10k to 40k miles.

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Final Thoughts-Honda b12 Service Code

Whether you drive a Honda or not, following service recommendations can help you extend the life of your vehicle. I hope you now know what to do if your maintenance minder displays the b12 or any other service code.

Please keep in mind that these service codes may differ based on the type of your vehicle. As a result, checking your automobile handbook will help you comprehend whatever service code your vehicle shows at the next interval. If you have any queries, please leave them with in comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Often Asked Questions-Honda B12 Service

Q) What Does a Honda B12 Service Notice Mean?

Ans: On-board computers in Honda and other automakers’ vehicles keep track of the vehicle’s servicing and condition. The car’s computer will issue service reminders based on the number of miles traveled or the amount of time elapsed. Many times, the owner is capable of performing some of the tasks required.

Q) On an Odyssey, what does Honda B12 Service code refer to?

Ans: B = Replace the engine oil and oil filter, rotate the tyres, inspect the front and rear brakes, check the parking brake adjustment, and inspect a number of other items listed in the owner’s manual. 1 = Make sure the tyres are rotated. 2 = Check the drive belt, change the dust and pollen filter, and replace the air cleaner element.

Q) On a B12, how do you reset the service light?

Ans: Perform the below mentioned steps

1. Push the home button.

2. Choose your options.

3. Select the vehicle settings.

4. Scroll down to the maintenance information section and hit the button to choose it.

5. Press the Reset button.

6. A screen will appear asking if you want to reset it or cancel it. All you have to do now is push the reset button.


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