Eisenberg Law group PC – Ventura, Personal Injury Lawyer

Eisenberg Law group PC – Ventura, Personal Injury Lawyer

They at Eisenberg law group pc – Ventura, personal injury lawyer concentrate focuses exclusively on personal injury and employment law. Their legal practice emphases on defending the rights of those who have been hurt or wounded as a result of the carelessness of others.

Eisenberg law group pc – Ventura, personal injury lawyer Expertise

The Eisenberg Law Group PC has helped clients recover millions of dollars in settlements, and they can help you too! Every issue that comes across their desk is taken seriously, and they go above and above for each customer.

Eisenberg law group pc
Eisenberg law group pc

The fact that they’ve previously worked for multiple insurance companies and have inside knowledge of what it takes to persuade them to pay you sets them apart from other personal injury attorneys. For a free consultation, contact them right now. Methods of Payment: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and personal checks are all accepted methods of payment.

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Eisenberg law group pc – Ventura, personal injury lawyer


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The phone number for eisenberg law group pc – ventura, personal injury lawyer

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About Eisenberg law group pc – Ventura, personal injury lawyer

Since inception eisenberg law group have focused on injury victims. During that period, Gary took part in a variety of jury trials, arbitration proceedings, mediations, and depositions. Gary has a proven track record of six- and seven-figure settlements, and he isn’t afraid to turn down a bad deal from an insurance provider and fight them together all way.

eisenberg law group pc - personal injury detail
eisenberg law group pc – personal injury detail

Gary has benefited greatly from his expertise and experience, since he understands the internal workings of insurance providers and defense firms, how they function, how they evaluate cases, and how to leverage this to gain maximum compensation for his clients. Gary is always approachable and assertive  to discuss to his clients and is proud of his work and positions eisenberg law group a  no-nonsense law firm.

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Personal Injury (Catastrophic Injuries): An Explanation

Catastrophic injuries are ones that are severe enough to have a major impact on the person. This word is most often used to describe injuries to the spinal cord, skull, spine, and brain. An damage to the legs or arms, on the other hand, might be considered catastrophic if it is severe enough.

Catastrophic injuries have a detrimental effect on the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the afflicted person. Making things worse, a catastrophic injury has the ability to completely demolish the wounded person’s financial situation. Returning to work, caring for loved ones, engaging in routine activities, and making ends meet are all difficult, if not impossible, after such serious injuries. After a severe accident, even something as basic as brushing one’s hair might be difficult. The effects of catastrophic injuries usually persist a long time, and they are often permanent.

Eisenberg law group
Eisenberg law group

In the aftermath of a terrible personal injury, eisenberg law group pc Ventura office is here to assist you. They’ve assisted people who have experienced a variety of personal injuries, including, but not limited to:

Spinal cord injuriesAmputations
Brain injuriesBroken/shattered bones
Burn injuriesInternal organ damage
Car accidents and mishapsElectrocutions

When is it possible to take legal action?

According to California law, an injured person must file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the date of the accident. There is, however, one exception to this rule. Those who have been harmed by a government body or a person working on behalf of the government must submit a Claim for Damages within six months of the date of the accident.

Catastrophic Personal Injuries and the Types of Accidents That Cause Them

Accidents that result in catastrophic injuries include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Falls and slips.

• Tripping and falling.

Car Accident

• Cars colliding with people.

Motorcycle Accidents

• Bicycle collisions.

Construction-related Accidents &mishaps.

• Explosions.

• Electrocutions.

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Catastrophic Personal Injuries Damages

Non-economic and economic damages are available to persons who have suffered a catastrophic harm as a consequence of another party’s carelessness under California law.

The following are some examples of economic losses:

• Medical costs and expenditures in the present as well as in the future.

• The expense of medication.

• Braces, a cane, a wheelchair, and other durable medical equipment expenses

• Damage to one’s vehicle’s property.

• Earnings loss and reduced earning potential.

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The following are some examples of non-economic damages:

• Emotional anguish.

• Anxiety.

• Physical discomfort.

• A decrease in one’s pleasure of life.

• Suffering from mental torment.

• Humiliation.

• Inconvenience.

According to California law, a person who has been catastrophically wounded is entitled to compensation for all of the following. Individuals who have suffered a catastrophic injury may also be entitled to non-economic damages in the past and in the future. Our legal staff is here to make sure you receive the maximum money out of every conceivable piece of property damage, allowing you to move on from this tragic occurrence with financial security.

Too many wounded Californians make the frequent error of allowing their claim to be minimized by their insurance carrier. You’ll need an attorney who knows how to get you the most money possible for all of the damages you’ve suffered under California law.

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Steps to Take to Make Sure Your Catastrophic Injury Is Addressed Properly

Finding the appropriate personal injury attorney is the most crucial move you can take to increase your chances of receiving a large settlement after a catastrophic injury. Our attorneys will collaborate with medical experts to create a unique life care plan. This plan offers you with the resources and assistance you need to live a good life. Life care plans also include funding for any additional medical treatment that a catastrophic accident sufferer may require. Medical treatments, surgeries, medicines, nursing support, and physical/occupational therapy are examples of such care.

Actions to Take When a Catastrophic Injury Occurs.

If you are able, take the following actions to preserve vital evidence and prepare yourself to maximize your compensation after a catastrophic injury accident:.

1. Obtaining medical aid is the first and most crucial step following a severe injury. For immediate medical assistance, dial 9-1-1.

2. The next step is to contact the police and have them file a formal report. You must get a copy of this report, as well as the report’s number.

3. Take down the names and phone numbers of everyone who was present at the accident scene.

4. Make a list of the insurance information, including the policy numbers of any other drivers involved in the collision.

5. Photograph or sketch the accident site.

6. Photograph the crash, including both the car and the people involved.

7. Photograph the crossroads and traffic signals.

8. If you are hurt as a consequence of a trip or fall, make sure you picture the situation that produced the accident.

9. If you fell because you slid on liquid, photograph the liquid that caused the slip.

10. If you stumbled on concrete or asphalt, photograph the undulation or displacement and try to calculate the height difference.

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11. Take photographs if you slipped on shaky or loose flooring.

12. Take a snapshot of the equipment or object that caused the damage if you were electrocuted or burnt.

13. If the accident occurred on someone else’s property, get the property owner’s and/or managing company’s name, address, and contact information.

14. Create and submit an incident report to the person or company in charge of the property or equipment in issue.

15. Take photos of your injuries from various angles as soon as possible after the occurrence.

16. Get in touch with the legal office right away if you need help.

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Eisenberg law group pc ventura
Eisenberg law group pc ventura

Often Asked Questions (Eisenberg law group pc – Ventura, personal injury lawyer)

Q) Why should you use Eisenberg law group pc as your legal counsel?

The legal team has the required experience, work ethic, and track record of accomplishment to aggressively protect your interests both in and out of court. In fact, they are willing to take on even the most complex and difficult catastrophic injury claims in and around the area. Eisenberg law group pc staff explores all options to maximize client compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, impaired earning ability, lost wages, and mental anguish.

Their track record of successfully negotiating significant settlement settlements is unrivaled. We will, however, actively advocate on your side in a court of law if required. You will not be charged any attorney fees until your case is won. For a free case review, contact eisenberg legal group pc now.

Q) What evidence should I collect at an accident scene?

You should obtain the following items to begin developing your case right away: Photos of your vehicle and the other vehicles involved in the accident; names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed the accident; photos of the intersection or roadway where the accident occurred; photos of the license plates of the vehicles involved in the accident; and photos of your injuries.


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