Best motorcycle accident lawyer
Best motorcycle accident lawyer

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Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Consultation

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle accident lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. Before engaging in any free or paid consultation, please be aware of the best procedures for locating a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Never start a conversation with a motorcycle lawyer unless you are well-versed in the industry’s dark secrets. After reading this post, we are certain that you will be able to get the finest lawyer for your motorcycle accident without any confusion. A comprehensive guide on finding the best motorcycle accident lawyer, which you will not find anywhere.

How to Uncover the Best Motorcycle Accident, Lawyer

Regardless of how much pleasure and satisfaction individuals receive from riding a Motorcycle, there is always the risk of an accident.

When a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident, the injuries to both the rider and the passenger might be severe. A collision between two vehicles may be termed a “fender bender” with no injuries to the passengers, but the motorbike rider seldom escapes without a hospital visit for treatment of shattered bones, scratches, or even more severe injuries.

Suppose you are wounded in a motorcycle accident. In that case, the amount of compensation you obtain from a negligent motorist is determined by the expertise and abilities of the motorcycle lawyer you select to defend you. This article will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision and will assist you in locating an attorney capable of obtaining the most compensation for your injuries.

Best motorcycle accident lawyer
Best motorcycle accident lawyer

What to Look for When Hiring a Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Motorcycle accident attorneys have specialized expertise in helping motorcyclists receive compensation through an investigation and negotiation process.

The path to becoming an attorney is rigorous. After graduating from law school, a candidate who wishes to practice law must pass the bar test to demonstrate legal knowledge. A background check and an inquiry are also conducted to establish whether the candidate is of good moral character.

Individuals who successfully finish the procedure are admitted to the bar, which means they are legally allowed to practice law in the state.

Anyone admitted to practice law may appear in court to defend someone accused of a crime or represent a motorcycle accident victim. Experience managing matters in a specific area of the law distinguishes some attorneys from others.

For example, anyone can take on a personal injury case. Still, suppose you are seriously injured in an accident. In that case, you want the attorney handling your claim to know negligence laws and courtroom and trial skills that can only be gained through years of experience representing accident victims.

Before choosing a lawyer to handle your claim for damages from a motorcycle accident, you must examine three essential criteria.


You’ve probably seen or heard advertisements for motorcycle accident attorneys. Some of the paid announcements are for attorneys from other states (or parts of the state that are hours away from your legal hearing location).

Out-of-state law companies typically send your case to another firm in your state, giving you little control over the attorney you hire. Choosing an attorney in the city or county where your case will be heard ensures that you are represented by someone who is familiar with the local court processes and judges.

General Practitioners: 

Many lawyers and legal companies are general practitioners.

They may specialize in real estate, criminal defense, wills and estates, and personal injury. A lawyer who handles a few motorcycle cases will not have the same degree of expertise with the law or trial abilities as an attorney who focuses only on personal injury litigation.

The simplest approach to learning about a lawyer’s profession is to ask questions, such as how much of the attorney’s motorcycle law practice.

Good Reputation:

A good reputation and experience: Finding a motorcycle accident lawyer takes some effort to guarantee you obtain the finest outcomes.

In addition to asking the lawyer questions, you should conduct your own research by reading as many google ratings, recommendations, and endorsements as possible.

You should compare a few attorneys before deciding which one meets the three qualities you are looking for in an attorney who will handle your motorbike claim.

How to Locate a Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer ?

There is a huge list of lawyers from which to choose and a few to interview in order to get the best motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your claim.

There are around 1.3 million attorneys in the United States. Of course, only a small fraction of them handle motorcycle law, so who do you call?

You may restrict your search by doing the following:

Relatives and friends: 

Chances are, someone you know, either a family member or a close friend, has needed the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Lawyer Referral: 

While the lawyer who represented you in the acquisition of your house or the one who represents your company may not handle motorcycle accident cases, they should be able to refer you to one who does.

Bar Associations: 

Most state and local bar associations provide legal reference systems where you may get the names of local motorcycle accident attorneys. The State Bar Association, for example, maintains a statewide directory of local attorney referral services arranged by the county.

Google Search: 

Since everyone tends to rely on Google when looking for something, putting “motorcycle accident lawyer” and your area into the search box will provide results.

One drawback of a Google search is that you must filter through the results by looking at websites to decide which of the numerous companies and attorneys to contact.

LinkedIn Search:

Yes, that’s correct, this may be a very unpopular method, but this works like a charm. Join the best engaging groups on LinkedIn associated with Motorcycle and laws. Post your queries, ask questions, talk to fellow members. You shall find a handful of best lawyer referrals around your city who had a claim in the past for Motorcycle injury. 

Lawyer Directories: 

One or more of the online lawyer directories are another source for obtaining the names of lawyers and legal firms. A lawyer directory can help you discover a local lawyer based on his or her practice area. Some directories, such as Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell, include customer and peer evaluations and ratings of lawyers.

Among the most popular directories are:







Best motorcycle lawyer directories
Best motorcycle lawyer directories

Solicitation letters from law firms advertising their services are one source you should be careful of. State bar associations impose guidelines for lawyer advertising, including solicitation letters. For example, attorneys must make it clear that such letters are a kind of advertisement. Keep in mind that the letter’s contents are intended to persuade you to retain the firm’s services.

Advice on Choosing a Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer (Quick Tips)

Before you hire a lawyer, you should make a list of questions and interview many of them.

Now that you’ve compiled a list of lawyers that you feel match your requirements in terms of geography and practice area, it’s time to select the attorney who will handle your motorcycle accident case. Interviewing each lawyer is the only efficient method to accomplish this.

Most lawyers provide free consultations, so make appointments with many of the lawyers on your list. Prepare for the meetings by gathering papers to bring with you that will offer information about the accident and your injuries to the lawyer.

Documents you may want to bring with you include:

  1. Accident police records 
  2. Photographs of the accident site, cars, and your injuries 
  3. Any medical reports you may have that explain your injuries
  4. Records demonstrating your regular income and time away from work as a result of the accident

Put the Correct Questions

The goal of the interview is to learn as much as possible about the lawyer – don’t be afraid to ask questions. The following are some key questions to ask at the start of the interview:

• How long has the attorney been in practice?

• What proportion of your practice is devoted to motorcycle law?

• Will, the attorney you’re interviewing handle your case?

• How many motorcycle accident cases like yours has the attorney handled in the past?

• What proportion of motorcycle accident cases handled by the attorney is settled?

It is worth noting that the great majority of motorcycle accident lawsuits result in a settlement. Nonetheless, the lawyer’s reputation as a trial attorney is one element that contributes to a positive settlement for the accident victim. An attorney who settles all motorcycle cases that come into the office may be a great attorney, but it may also indicate that the legal firm prefers rapid settlements over going to trial when required to maximize the amount collected by the client.

A motorcycle accident lawyer should have trial experience on behalf of accident victims. Building a reputation as a lawyer capable of getting a favorable outcome at trial influences claims adjusters’ propensity to settle cases. Claims adjusters who are aware that a lawyer lacks recent trial experience may be motivated to make low settlement offers in the belief that the attorney will not pursue the matter to trial.

Inquire about Fees & Charges

During the interview, inquire about fees. The fact is that practicing law is both a profession and a business. It is critical to address the motorcycle accident lawyer’s fee as well as any other charges you may be responsible for paying.

Most motorcycle accident claims are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that the attorney is only paid if and when your claims result in a favorable settlement or judgments after trial. Request a copy of the lawyer’s written contingency fee agreement.

Contingency fee agreements must be in writing and must include the parameters of the fee arrangement between the attorney and the client, such as the percentage charged as a fee and the client’s liability for costs and expenditures. Your attorney may provide expert witness fees, court costs, and other litigation expenditures as costs and expenses.

If you win your lawsuit, the expenses will be removed from the settlement or verdict; but, if you lose, you may be required to compensate the attorney out of your own money.

The proportion charged as a fee and your obligation for costs and expenses is all negotiated between you and the attorney. The interview is an excellent opportunity to ask the lawyer about the firm’s normal contingency fee procedures and how they might apply to your case if you decide to retain the firm.

Evaluate Your Levels of Comfort with the Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a client-Lawyer relationship. If your discussion with the attorney was frequently interrupted by phone calls or staff members asking questions about other cases, this might indicate that the attorney is too busy to take on your case. You want an entirely focused attorney on you and your questions or concerns regarding your motorcycle accident claim.

When To File A Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Motorcycle accidents can have a wide range of outcomes, from property damage to emotional agony, severe or permanent disability, and death.

Many people in the United States live paycheck to paycheck or have a tough time affording the exorbitant out-of-pocket expenditures that might follow from a motorbike accident injury.

Motorcycle accident claims can be made on behalf of the wounded rider or a loved one.

While the costs of a motorbike accident vary, they may include:

  1. Monetary: medical transportation expenses, hospital care/other medical expenditures, bike repair/replacement expenses, and lost earnings
  2. Physical: severe damage that needs long-term rehabilitation and care, limb loss, deformity, paralysis, and severe brain trauma
  3. Psychological: the expenses of pain and suffering, which result in mental distress

In the latter scenario, a claim may be made to seek compensation for a loved one who was badly wounded or died as a consequence of the accident.

Losing a loved one in a motorbike accident may be a painful event, and you may be entitled to wrongful death compensation.

You will need an attorney to assist you to show that another party’s carelessness directly resulted in your loved one’s wrongful death in order to seek compensation.

In wrongful death motorcycle accident cases, culpable parties may include: 

  1. Other drivers who were judged to be at fault in the collision 
  2. The motorbike manufacturer (in the case that the accident was caused by defective bike parts, i.e., categorized as a product liability case)

A thorough examination of the accident and the person at blame might yield evidence to prove another party’s carelessness in wrongful death or product liability lawsuit.

Understanding Personal Injury Claims in Motorcycle Accidents

Understanding your rights after a motorbike accident might be difficult if you try to negotiate the laws of your case on your own.

The most crucial thing to grasp regarding motorcycle personal injury lawsuits is your financial compensation eligibility.

One aspect that might influence this is whether or not you are found to be at blame for the accident.

In order to claim recoverable damages in some places, such as California, motorcyclists must be able to demonstrate or prove that their injuries happened as a consequence of another motorist’s carelessness or reckless activity.

Under such circumstances, another motorist may be considered at fault if they were:

In these cases, another driver may be found to be at blame if they were: 

  1. Texting and driving 
  2. Driving under the influence 
  3. Speeding 
  4. Failing to obey traffic signals or signs 
  5. Driving an unsafe vehicle (i.e., dangerous to drive) • distracted by any other means

In terms of what a biker needs to show in order to obtain accident-related compensation, local and state regulations might differ. Depending on where you reside, you may be able to seek legal redress even if you were partly to blame for the accident.

Common types of damages pursued and awarded in a motorcycle accident. 

In motorcycle accident lawsuits, standard forms of damages sought and granted include: 

  1. compensation for medical transportation and treatment fees; and 
  2. Repair or replacement costs for your motorbike.
  3. compensation for lost earnings • compensation for pain and suffering
  4. reimbursement for anticipated medical expenditures (e.g., for a serious or permanent injury requiring long-term treatment)

One of the most significant obstacles that drivers of passenger cars confront when seeking compensation after an accident is limitations on the sorts of damages that may be pursued. This is because most motor vehicle claims include (PIP) insurance personal injury protection, which needs a certain level of harm to seek recoverable damages.

In contrast, motorcyclists are not needed to meet any kind of harm threshold to obtain compensation.

List of Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

Most motorcyclists are aware of the dangers they encounter when riding alongside other cars on the road. Over 40% of motorcycle accidents are caused by another vehicle turning left while the rider is driving straight.

However, not all of the dangers connected with riding a motorbike are directed at other vehicles on the road. Riding a motorbike after consuming alcohol, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is a significant factor in motorcycle accident deaths across the United States.

Alcohol and other substances can affect a person’s judgments, perception of surrounding things and lead to potentially irresponsible conduct. Motorcyclists who drink and ride are far more likely to injure themselves and others on the road.

Other factors associated with motorcycle accidents and fatalities include: 

  1. Riding without a valid motorcycle license; 
  2. Riding without a helmet or protective gear; 
  3. Riding in urban areas; 
  4. Railing to notice traffic signs; 
  5. Railing to yield when appropriate; and 
  6. Railing to pay attention to other drivers.

A large part of safe driving and vehicle operation is being aware of oneself and others on the road. Accidents, on the other hand, might happen abruptly and with little or no control over them.

In these situations, it’s useful to know what legal alternatives are available to motorcycle riders and what rights they—or close loved ones grieving the loss of a motorcyclist—may have to accident-related compensation.

Different Injuries Caused By Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to the sorts of injuries that might occur in the case of an accident, motorcycle riders have far less protection than drivers of other motor vehicles. As lighter and less robust vehicles than the ordinary automobile, motorcycles lack the same safety measures, leaving riders far more exposed to road rash and other injuries upon collision.

Riding without a helmet or failing to wear adequate gear when riding a motorbike increases the chance of catastrophic harm.

The following sorts of injuries may be experienced in a motorcycle accident, depending on the nature and severity of the incident: 

  1. road rash 
  2. head injury or concussion 
  3. spinal cord damage 
  4. loss of limbs 
  5. deformity 
  6. paralysis
  7. fractured bones and fractures 
  8. traumatic brain injury 

Many of the potential injuries in a motorbike accident are serious and may result in lifelong damage, sickness, deformity, or death.

The safest decisions a motorcycle rider can make to defend himself on the road are to wear protective head, eye, and body gear and to retain acute awareness while riding. Accidents caused by another motorist, on the other hand, are more difficult to avoid.

Injuries sustained in a motorbike collision may necessitate rapid medical attention. The expense of medical transportation and injury care may rapidly pile up and become a huge cause of worry for the typical individual.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorbike accident, you may be entitled to cash compensation to compensate for your losses. A free case review with an expert motorcycle accident lawyer is the best way to discover this.

A Step-By-Step Guide on What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Road accidents may happen rapidly and create severe confusion.

In the case of an accident, your first concern should be to respond to your own health and safety.

If the accident area is hazardous, such as due to debris or traffic, locate a safe location immediately.

If your surroundings represent a direct threat to your safety or well-being, you will be of no assistance to yourself or anyone involved in the accident.

In the case of a motorbike accident, the following are the next measures you should take:

Examine For Injuries And Seek Medical Attention 

Following an accident, it is critical to check yourself and others for injuries. If you or anybody else seems to be harmed, dial 9-1-1 immediately for emergency attention.

Even seemingly small injuries might worsen if medical treatment is not sought immediately. This is especially true for head injuries, which may indicate a concussion or escalate to brain damage if not treated promptly.

1) Obtain Personal And Insurance Information

It is critical to collect the contact information of all motorists involved in the collision. The personal information you should gather includes all drivers’ names, insurance information, residences, phone numbers, and license numbers.

In the instance of a hit-and-run, there may be further evidence that may be utilized to seek recoverable damages. For example, your attorney may obtain security camera video or other evidence to piece together the facts needed to identify the culpable party and establish a case for collecting consequent damages.Make a Police Report

Contact the police once you have analyzed the first incident and gotten some information from those involved. This is especially crucial in the case of major accidents resulting in a minimum of $500 in property damage.

Having police officers on the scene as soon as feasible will help you construct a solid legal case. Police are obligated to fill out an accident report and preserve documents that might be referred to later on when you seek compensation for accident-related losses.

2) Make A note of Your surroundings.

Keeping track of your position, time, and surroundings might help you develop your legal case significantly. Make a mental image of the accident site.

If you have a phone, take pictures of everything you observe around you, including the condition of all vehicles involved in the collision and your injuries. Even tiny facts may turn out to be important in the process of obtaining and evaluating material pertinent to your case.

3) Contact a Professional Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Finding an expert motorcycle accident Lawyer is one of the most critical calls you can make after being involved in a motorbike accident. Seeking legal counsel can be a critical step toward securing payment for out-of-pocket expenditures as well as various forms of compensation for non-quantifiable damages such as pain and suffering.

A motorcycle accident attorney may be a valuable partner in making a solid claim against the responsible party by conducting a comprehensive investigation of the accident and shall gather evidence to pursue a legal case.

Immediate Checklist for Lawyers after the Accident

What an attorney can do for you in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident is: 

  1. gather witness statements 
  2. collect reports from police and medical staff (i.e., medical records) 
  3. obtain photographs of the accident scene 
  4. reconstruct the accident 
  5. obtain security camera footage 
  6. consult with experts 
  7. investigate the driving history of the motorist at fault
  8. gather evidence to establish motorcycle manufacturer carelessness (in the case of product liability) 
  9. negotiate a reasonable settlement with insurance carriers on your behalf

Notification To Your Insurance Company

In order to pursue recoverable damages, you must notify your insurance company of your accident. However, because they will almost certainly need a statement, it is strongly advised that you obtain legal counsel before contacting your insurance provider.

Do not give an insurance agent a statement before you have consulted with an attorney. 

The words you use to describe your accident in the aftermath can have a significant impact on the result of your lawsuit. An attorney can advise you on how to explain the accident to your insurance company and may be able to contact directly with them on your behalf.

(Super Tips) Getting the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Choosing the appropriate legal representation after a motorbike accident may make or break your case.

Here are some Super Tips for selecting a Best motorcycle accident lawyer:

Super Tips 1-(Look for an Experienced Attorney )

Experience is important when it comes to legal Cases.

In the case of a motorcycle accident, it is to your best advantage to deal with an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accident claims.

Motorcycle accident lawsuits are unique from motor vehicle claims and should be handled by an attorney who has recovered damages for injured motorcyclists in the past.

If you approach a personal injury lawyer who does not have any prior experience in motorcycle accident cases, you should go on to another lawyer without wasting time.

Super Tips 2-(Find a lawyer with trial experience and a track record of success).

Finding an attorney with a good track record of winning compensation for affected parties as well as expertise in taking cases to trial will provide you with the most value.

It is not easy to seek compensation for damages sustained in an accident. It is essential to obtain the services of an attorney who has extensive expertise in navigating the legal difficulties that might emerge while attempting to collect accident-related damages.

Super Tips 3-(Choose a Resourceful Lawyer)

A diverse set of expert resources is a good indicator that an attorney is ready to consult with the persons and entities required to create a solid case.

These resources may include professional contacts, working ties with other experienced attorneys, and other tools required to assemble sufficient evidence for your personal injury claim.

Worth of Motorcycle Accident Claim

What Is the Value of Your Motorcycle Accident Claim? What is its worth?

There is no such thing as a typical settlement sum for motorcycle accident cases. The value of your claim will be determined by the specifics of your case, which may include losses that are more or less difficult to document, such as pain and suffering expenditures.

Call an expert lawyer if you want a fair estimate of the value of your motorcycle accident claim. An attorney should be able to supply you with a list of references after doing an initial case review.

Understanding Motorcycle Accident Laws in the United States

When faced with a challenging legal issue, studying the laws that apply to your case may be empowering in terms of your personal awareness of your legal rights and entitlements.

Keep in mind that motorcycle accident regulations differ from state to state and, in certain circumstances, from the local area to the local area.

Motorcycle Accident Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents, in general, refers to the period of time a person has to initiate legal procedures, which includes the process of submitting an accident claim.

Motorcycle accident statutes of limitations are set at the state and local levels.

According to New York’s statute of limitations, bikers typically have three years to pursue a personal injury claim.

Clearly, the sort of claim you want to make, as well as your place of residency, can have an impact on how long you have to pursue legal remedies.

The easiest method to find out how much time you have to submit a claim for yourself or a loved one is to look into your state’s legislation or consult with an attorney, who should have a better grasp of local legal requirements.

Top Questions to ask a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When looking for an effective and best motorcycle accident lawyer, make sure they have the essential abilities, qualifications, and confidence to effectively collect your accident-related losses.

Before choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your case, consider the following:

Have you ever tried a motorcycle accident case?

Reason to Ask: Motorcycle accident claims are classified as personal injury cases. Personal injury cases, on the other hand, are not all the same. Working on a motorcycle accident case has certain specific features that an attorney must grasp in order to properly negotiate and win a case. As a result, it is critical to engage an attorney who specializes in handling motorcycle accident cases.

What are your fees or rates?

Reason to Ask: Legal fees may be a major source of anxiety for many people. Legal expenses can account for a portion of total damages granted in many personal injury lawsuits. However, attorneys may charge a fee up in advance or compel you to pay certain case-related fees if you do not recover damages.

Fees vary according to the attorney. Make sure to consult your attorney’s office for further information on your legal cost responsibilities.

Will my case go to trial?

Reason to Ask: The ability of your lawyer to negotiate a reasonable settlement sum amongst all parties can determine whether a matter goes to trial. Unfortunately, towns are not always that simple to reach.

If you and your attorney are unable to reach an agreement on a settlement amount, it is critical that your attorney has the skills and resources to prepare your case for trial if required.

Can you provide me any references?

Reason to Ask: Obtaining references from previous clients might help you understand the type of experience you can expect from an attorney. This might include criticism about an attorney’s professional talents as well as previous clients’ overall experience dealing with the attorney.

Attorneys that are knowledgeable in personal injury lawyer should be able to demonstrate patience, sympathy, and a comprehensive grasp of your particular situation.

How many motorcycle accident cases have you handled personally?

Reason to Ask: Every legal practice is different, but your case is unlikely to be handled directly on a daily basis by a firm’s top partner.

Because your case will most likely be handled by an associate lawyer, it is critical to understand that lawyer’s track record with motorcycle accident cases.

While the firm’s top-billed lawyer may have decades of expertise, their associates may be fresh out of law school or have never handled a motorcycle accident claim before.

How many similar cases have you handled?

Reason to Ask: It makes no difference how many personal injury cases your lawyer has handled if they have never successfully pursued a motorcycle accident lawsuit. And no two motorbike accidents are the same.

You’ll want to know that your selected attorney has encountered cases similar to yours, represented clients similar to you, and achieved good outcomes in situations similar to yours.

How long will it take for my case to be resolved?

Reason to Ask: Every case is unique. And you know no one knows how soon one will be settled. Your motorcycle accident lawyer, on the other hand, should be able to provide you a suggestive time limit. It shall create a visual urgency in solving the case.

What is the true value of my case?

Reason to Ask: You must understand the true value of your injuries, what you can reasonably anticipate from an insurance settlement, and if it is worthwhile to take your case to court.

Who Will I Speak With at the Law Firm?

Reason to Ask: While you may not always be able (or desire) to communicate directly with a law firm’s senior partner, you should have immediate access to the attorney assigned to your case. You should feel sure that the individual you’re speaking with understands your situation thoroughly, is completely devoted to you, and is not distracted by a lengthy list of other clients when you rely on them.

The basic line is that if you need to discuss something significant, you should be able to speak directly to the senior partner at your selected law firm. That individual should never be inaccessible or completely shut you off.

How effective shall you be at resolving motorcycle accident cases?

Reason to Ask: Some lawyers don’t put much effort into resolving disputes. They quickly prepare every case for trial because they like litigating matters in court. If you want to receive fair financial compensation for your motorcycle accident but don’t want to prolong the process or add to your stress, you should look for the finest motorcycle accident lawyer who will focus on a favorable settlement.

So, these were the best question that you should be asking your motorcycle accident lawyer before appointing for your case. You may shortlist the ones that you may feel be the most appropriate to match your scenario.

Best & Simplest Practices for your Bike Accident Lawyer Search

  1. Examine Online Reviews

It’s never been simpler to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer for you. You may look for and compare motorcycle accident lawyers at any time of day or night because internet reviews are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can even do it from your hospital bed while you’re recuperating.

2) Paid versus free

There are several legal business websites that “endorse” lawyers in order to persuade you that you are making a sound decision. Please refer to the list that was mentioned above in the article. These websites provide attorneys with recognition on these websites as well as badges that they may display on their own websites to impress colleagues and potential clients. However, for the endorsement, the lawyer must pay a “membership” or “admission” fee.

3) Be cautious!

There are several attorney “rating” websites that reward attorneys who pay to be listed. Just because a lawyer has a dozen “Awesome Lawyer” badges on their website doesn’t imply they are. They might have just bought the badges.

However, if you are not yet ready to accept recommendations and ratings that need attorneys to pay membership fees, you may depend on actual customer testimonials posted on platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Yelp! etc

These genuine evaluations provide a far more realistic picture of who a particular lawyer is, what they can accomplish for you, and how well they have served previous customers.

This genuine connection from previous customers is critical since, in this day and age of hard-charging online marketing, some motorcycle accident attorneys resort to all sorts of marketing tactics to boost their reputation.

4) Responsiveness is Crucial

It is critical to be responsive. One of the most important characteristics of the best motorcycle accident lawyers is their timeliness. If you’ve asked a question or expressed concern, you should never be kept waiting. And that response should begin even before you become a client. That means you should always receive prompt responses to any inquiries.

5) Instead of imaginary, look for realism

That prompt reaction is indicative of their genuine commitment to you as a person—a victim—and your case.

When looking for the best motorcycle accident lawyer to assist you in collecting damages after a mishap, you don’t want someone who will fill your mind with false promises about huge sums of money that you might never see.

You want someone who understands the true value of your injuries and other financial losses and can offer you an accurate estimate of what you’re likely to receive from any particular insurance settlement or court case.

That reasonable estimate can only be obtained by years of successful representation of situations like yours, as well as the hard work required to correctly analyze a case.

6) Similar Case File

Do They Have Any Experience With Injuries Similar to Yours?

Some of the most frequent injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents in the United States include:

  1. Injuries to the lower extremities • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) • Spinal injuries
  2. “Road Rash”

And, while every injury is painful for you, certain sorts of injuries are considerably more expensive. Minor road rash, for example, will usually cure on its own within a few months.

You may need reconstructive surgery, but the overall medical costs connected with such an injury will be much lower than those associated with any type of brain injury or broken bones that may necessitate several surgeries.

That is something to think about while looking for the finest motorcycle accident lawyer for you. Can you get by without a good lawyer if your injuries don’t have a big impact on your everyday life? Would you use the same lawyer if you had suffered catastrophic brain damage that necessitated months or years of rehabilitation?

7) The Factor of Trust

When looking for the best motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you, you may not believe that “trusting your gut” is the best way to proceed. However, contemporary research has found that gut reactions are frequently more accurate than scientific approaches for forecasting achievement. Why? Because such instinctive responses are based on intuition. Intuition is our brain’s technique of swiftly digesting a large number of facts and making a choice in a matter of seconds.

People have been doing it for generations as part of the “fear response” attitude, and while intuition may not play a large role in most life and death decisions in modern times, it can have a significant influence on your financial recovery following a motorbike accident.

8) Best motorcycle accident lawyer near me

Finding a motorcycle accident lawyer near you or close to your proximity will have an added advantage. For any follow-ups or any preparation of the case, if it’s near to you your house or office will save a lot of time and money.

Dos and don’t for you to fight the case.

Things you should do:

  1. Keep a diary during the healing process 
  2. Take frequent photographs of yourself as you recuperate 
  3. Collect specific forms of proof (if you are able) 
  4. Provide paperwork from your employer

Things you should NOT DO: 

  1. Discuss your case on social media; 
  2. Contact insurance companies, hospital billing departments, or defense attorneys directly; and 
  3. Respond to any inquiries given by an insurance adjuster that goes beyond your name and contact information.

Motorcycle Accident Facts

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in the U.S.

Motorcycle riders are 28 times more likely than passengers in passenger vehicles to die in a traffic accident, while accounting for a small fraction of overall motorists on the road, according to the NHTSA.

Additional information on motorcycle accidents in the United States shows that: 

  1. Alcohol impairment is a factor in around 28 percent of motorcycle accident deaths.
  2. In 2017, wearing a motorbike helmet meant the difference between life and death for 1,872 bikers.
  1. Motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of 4,985 motorcyclists in 2018.
  2. In 2017, 29 percent of motorcycle riders killed in accidents lacked a valid motorcycle license.

Who Is Compelled to Motorcycle Accidents?

Anyone who rides a motorbike is in danger of being involved in an accident.

However, data on motorcycle accidents in the United States show that people who: 

  1. don’t wear a helmet 
  2. ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol 
  3. don’t have a valid motorcycle license 
  4. ride at speeds faster than posted speed limits 
  5. ride a two-wheeler motorcycle are more likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accidents are also more prevalent on non-interstate routes and more likely to happen during the day.

Data also reveals that elderly motorcyclists are being killed at an increasing rate. From 2008 to 2018, this rate climbed by 2%, with the average age of motorcycle riders killed in accidents rising to 42 from 40 previously.


When you are wounded and unable to work, your family’s financial well-being is jeopardized. An attorney specializing in motorcycle law allows you to focus on recuperating from your injuries while your attorney battles the insurance company and the responsible party to obtain you the money you deserve. Conduct appropriate research and call the best motorcycle accident lawyer to make an informed decision!

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