Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot Comparison – F150 [Owners Secret]
abyss grey vs lead foot

Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot Comparison – F150 [Owners Secret]

Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot Comparison – F150 [Owners Secret]

Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot: When your mind is trapped between two hues, having a plethora of lovely tones to choose from no longer seems like a luxury. It can’t tell which one to choose anymore. Something that happens a lot when a Ford F150 owner has to choose between two popular exterior colors, Abyss Grey and LeadFoot.

One is known for being very Stunning and giving superb UV protection! The other is a charmer when it comes to absorbing minimal heat & keeping things cool. But both of these touted f150 hues have a negative side, and you should be aware of it before making a decision. That is precisely what we will be assisting you with today!

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Abyss Grey and LeadFoot – The Evaluation

Facts to ConsiderAbyss Grey f 150Lead Foot
(Heat Absorption)Heat absorption is high.Heat absorption is low.
The ability to blendBlending and touching up is a breeze.Efforts are required to mix.
(Flaws Visibility)Scratches and marks are not hidden well.Covers any imperfections with ease.
Vibrancy of colourWith a formal aspect, it looks lovely.Color brightness is dull and lacking.
Price factorReasonable.Expensive.

If you’re aware of the current Ford F150 truck models, you’ll see that a few of the older exterior colors have been dropped, including Ruby Red, White Platinum, & Ingot Silver. Following the removal of these colors, Ford introduced some new exterior colors, including Lead Foot and Abyss Grey.

And it was then that the Abby Grey/Leadfoot Grey analogy was formed. Most individuals feel compelled to discuss both of these colors’ outlooks and appearances. To be clear, if you look attentively in direct sunlight, both of these hues fluctuate.

Let’s start by describing the primary distinctions between these two exterior hues. When opposed to Lead Foot, Abyss Grey has a deeper exterior color. Furthermore, it emits metallic tones that are appropriate for vans, SUVs, and pickup vehicles.

The Lead Foot, on the other hand, is a brighter shade of dark grey. It has a more neutral and basic appearance with no sheen or shines even in bright sunlight. These colors are available on Ford cars from 2019 to 2021. Aside from that, you’ll notice hues like Rapid Red, Iconic Silver, Stone Grey, Magnetic, and others.

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You should have inferred from the identities of both of these exterior colors that they differ a lot. In a nutshell, Abyss Grey and Lead Foot have distinct tones.

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Less Shine To The Van but Practical and Attractive.

The Abyss Grey exterior color is the most appealing of all the Ford series cars for 2021, and it greatly improves the truck’s look. It not only improves the appearance of your truck, but it also boosts its value.

Abyss Grey sets itself apart from other Ford exterior colors by adding flair and a cooler mood to the truck. This metallic tint gives you a more attractive exterior tone that won’t show dirt or dust.

When it comes to exterior colors, most people choose Abyss Grey because of its deeper tone and several advantages. Even though there are some drawbacks to adopting this exterior color on trucks, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.

If you want to paint the Abyss grey yourself without professional aid, it will cost between $64 and $494. However, if you hire a skilled technician, you may have to pay more than $600.

Not only is Abyss Grey more adaptable, but it’s also a more trustworthy exterior color for a cab or van. If you’re a busy motorist, this hue will help you stand out. However, before you choose this truck’s exterior color, you should consider its benefits as well as a few drawbacks.

As a result, due to its heavier metallic tone, Abyss Grey is everyone’s favourite exterior color. Apart from that, here are other reasons why people like the Abyss Grey color:

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The Benefits of Abyss Grey

• Shields the truck’s body from the sun’s heat. When it comes to UV radiation, this outer hue performs a fantastic job of preventing skin peeling and exposure.

• Useful for concealing faults such as obvious dirt and dust. Unlike its competition, this exterior hue does not draw attention to visible dust on the van’s surface.

• A fine color that exudes serenity and tranquilly. It adds to the truck’s overall sophisticated aspect without detracting from its formal appearance.

• Not only does this exterior color need less upkeep, but it also saves money on unnecessary repairs and car washes.

• Blends in well with other hues. This hue is very easy to touch up or conceal mistakes with.

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Abyss Grey has certain drawbacks.

Some individuals dislike this exterior hue because of its bland, neutral tint that doesn’t shine in the sun. Let’s look at some of the additional reasons why individuals dislike the Abyss Grey.

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• The outside hue isn’t glistening or gleaming. Aside from that, some people don’t think its color has a lot of vitality.

• Scratches and scuffs are more easier to notice than on other surfaces. This exterior hue allows for the visibility of truck markings and dents while not disguising all defects.

• Because the color covers dust so well, some users overlook the need for cleaning. If you forget to clean your truck on a regular basis, it might result in future damage and costs.

• Another significant disadvantage of this exterior hue is that it absorbs far more heat than Lead Foot. The darker colors absorb heat, causing the truck’s exterior and interior to rapidly heat up. As a result, the Abyss Grey lacks the necessary reflection to keep heat at bay.

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Looks great on the van, however it doesn’t protect against UV rays.

The exterior color of the Leadfoot Grey F150 is a good-looking option that will meet most people’s expectations. In actuality, this hue is a lighter shade of grey that enhances the appearance of the truck’s surface.

To be clear, the Lead Foot is the most recent exterior color to replace the lithium grey. When it comes to Lithium Grey versus Leadfoot, Lead Foot is unquestionably the victor. It does, however, have a few drawbacks that are offset by benefits depending on user experience.

Let’s look at the positive and negative aspects of it now.

The Benefits Of Having A Lead Foot

• This hue absorbs less heat than others. Furthermore, it does not allow sunlight to enter, allowing the surface to remain cooler for longer. Furthermore, because to the Abyss Grey’s excellent reflection, most individuals have no problems with heat. • It is one of the easiest to hide dirt and scratches. Many people think it’s standard and sensible because it doesn’t require daily cleaning or washing, and it’s also inexpensive to fix.

The Drawbacks Of Having A Lead Foot.

• Many users like this exterior color for formal vehicle appearances, but they complain about its dullness and lack of vitality.

• The Lead Foot exterior color is rather pricey.

• Because of its lighter tone, it takes more work to blend into other shades than Abyss Grey.

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Abyss Grey & Lead Foot ( paint codes.)

Paint Color CodePaint Color Details
(KL5EWHA, M7418A, ME)(Abyss Gray Metallic)
(JMTAWHA, JX, M7394A)(Lead Foot Gray)

Other Paint Options on the Ford F-150

You’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code to find it on the table below to ensure a correct match. The color code on the driver’s side door jamb may be found.

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Other Paint Options on the Ford F-150
Other Paint Options on the Ford F-150
Other Paint Options on the Ford F-150-1

Other Paint Options on the Ford F-150-2

Other Paint Options on the Ford F-150-3

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Often Asked Questions on Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot

Q) What is the color of Abyss GREY?

A: Abyss GREY has a similar appearance to lead foot, but is a lighter bluish greenish flatter grey. The 2019 Ford F-150 comes in six gray-silver color options, including Abyss Gray. The 2019 Ford F-150’s basic pricing includes the new Abyss Gray paint.

Q) What color Ford is the lead foot?

For the 2018 Shelby GT350/GT350R, this is the original color. Gray with Lead Foot. Ford Motorcraft is the real deal.

Q) What is the name of the new Ford Gray?

A: Carbonized Gray is the new Ford Gray. The all-new Ford F-150 for 2021 comes in seven new colors: Antimatter Blue, Space White, Guard, Kodiak Brown, Code Orange, Smoked Quartz Tinted Clearcoat, and Carbonized Gray are some of the paint colors available.


Now, which name would we choose as the winner of this Abyss Grey vs LeadFoot battle?

If we choose the Abyss Gray, it will be for its exceptional UV protection and non-peeling properties, as well as the fact that it covers dust and filth for the most part. However, we would disregard the opinion of those who favor a glittery, gleaming appearance because it may appear drab to some.

While the less head absorption and simplicity of maintenance would be our main reasons for choosing the Lead Foot. On the other hand, it’s pricey and difficult to combine.

Actually, both colors are wonderful in their own ways, albeit they do have a few drawbacks. It’s up to you to physically measure things out and decide which one is best for your F150. That, we feel, is the most effective approach of determining a real winner.


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